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Good and Evil Testimony from Malawi!

Megan Van Vuren

We are always excited to hear how the Lord is using Good and Evil all over the world! The Lord is opening many doors in the country of Malawi (Chichewa language), and we just received this testimony from a minister there: … Read more

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Nathan’s Philippine Report

Nathan Pearl

The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. Psalm 68:11 My family and I just got back from a one-month trip to the Philippines. Many of you gave to support this work, and we … Read more

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Debi’s Right-Hand “Man” Goes to the Philippines

No Greater Joy Ministries

From Debi: Megan is my right-hand “man” here in the office. We had a rough August while she was gone, but her trip had eternal benefits. From Megan: Standing in the street of a squatters’ village located in the middle … Read more

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Stand in the Gap

Stand in the Gap

Debi Pearl

The Light Bearers ministry has been such a blessing! The light of Jesus Christ is being mailed into the darkest recesses of our society by

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Amazing Good and Evil Testimony!

Amazing Good and Evil Testimony!


We never cease to be amazed at the global outreach Good and Evil is having. That God would take our dream of a picture Bible and use it in

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good and evil around the world

Year in Review

Mel Cohen, CFP, RTRP, General Manager

Our fiscal year at No Greater Joy Ministries, Inc. (NGJ) ended on June 30, 2016. Our total income for the year was $1,094,925 (unaudited), of which $444,424 were contributions. Contributions were down by $16,627 as well as our total income … Read more

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Justice Met Grace

Debi’s Favorite Song

No Greater Joy Ministries

From Debi: One of my very favorite songs was written by my own daughter, and it’s called Justice Met Grace. Many trios, bands and groups have performed this song, and some of them have recorded it as well. When I … Read more

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Thanks Steve!

Megan Van Vuren

Though this morning started out rather routine, it quickly took an unexpected turn! But this change of events taught us an important lesson from our blessing. You see, this morning our blessing was a truck driver named Steve! Let me start at the beginning… … Read more

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the door

Coming June 9th… to an Internet Connection Near You!

Megan Van Vuren

After six months of non-stop work, we are so excited to be able to begin streaming sermons and Bible teachings from The DOOR, No Greater Joy’s evangelistic community outreach in town! We’ll be going live on Thursday Evening, June 9, 2016, so don’t miss it!

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Y’all Should Have Been in Texas!

Megan Van Vuren

If you weren’t in Texas this past weekend, you missed OUT! Mike and Debi just got back from the East Texas Mini Shindig! No, we aren’t hosting any more shindigs, but other families from around the country are organizing events … Read more

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