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What have Mike and Debi been up to?

Megan Van Vuren

It’s another hot, humid day in central Tennessee, so you’ll probably find Mike and Debi starting up the old Jeep renegade and rounding up the grandkids as they all head down to the creek! Mike has also been keeping busy … Read more

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Have you read “This is the Last Righteous Generation” yet?

Megan Van Vuren

So many readers have been contacting us to tell us how much they are enjoying “This is the Last Righteous Generation” that came out in our June/July No Greater Joy issue. They are saying that it is such a timely, … Read more

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Springtime is Creative Time

Megan Van Vuren

It’s a beautiful day here in Cane Creek, and Gracie and Laila are making daisy chains with the clover blossoms that are blooming everywhere!

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Mahi Mahi in Hawaii

Megan Van Vuren

Mike took a break from his busy teaching schedule in Hawaii to be a fisher of fish! (Mahi Mahi to be exact!)

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Pearls at Olelo Christian Academy

Megan Van Vuren

  Mike demonstrated the art of throwing knives, tomahawks, shovels, even nails at Olelo Christian Academy in Kauai, Hawaii! He followed up with a challenge to the student body to remain faithful to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.     … Read more

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ashley and mike

First Pearl grandchild published!

No Greater Joy Ministries

Ashley (shown with Mike in the picture) is the first Pearl grandchild to be published! Ashley, 10 years old, and Debi wrote this together, and it was published in the Kauai newspaper today! Be sure to read all about “The Embarrassed Rooster of Kauai!”

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tagalog good and evil

Tagalog Good and Evil

No Greater Joy Ministries

We’re reprinting Good and Evil in the Tagalog language! Rick Batson distributes these over in the Philippines to Muslim school students (more info here).

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Bonfires and Beaches in Hawaii

Megan Van Vuren

Mike and Debi are enjoying spending time with their grandkids as well as speaking and ministering in Hawaii! Leave it to Big Papa to find a way to roast SIX hot dogs over the bonfire at once! It was a … Read more

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mike and debi hawaii

Where are Mike and Debi?

Megan Van Vuren

Mike and Debi are speaking in Hawaii! The will be doing several special events at Crossroads Kauai on topics such as homeschooling, parenting and marriage, plus a special knife and tomahawk throwing demonstration and outreach! Get more information on when … Read more

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heavenly hug pic

Have You Ever Had a Heavenly Hug?

Megan Van Vuren

A few weeks ago we traveled down to Georgia to the Kingdom Dominion Church for a Valentine couples conference. Many couples attend, some married for a long time. The crowd obviously had a very good time hearing the messages. There … Read more

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