I am a young woman living in New Zealand learning what it means to be joyfully serving the Lord. He has wonderfully saved me, and I want to serve Him in any way possible. I blog at joyful-maiden.blogspot.com and jewelsofjesus.blogspot.com.

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How Should I Prepare to Serve on the Mission Field?

Hi, I’m a young woman in high school. Since long before I was saved at age 12, I’ve always wanted to be a missionary somewhere. I’m especially interested in the Central/South Americans, but I’m open to wherever God wants me to go. I’m not old enough to go yet, but I’m wondering in what ways[…]

How do you break a habit of playing on the computer too much? I’ve always wondered how to spend less time on the computer. Ever since we first got one as a family, I was almost constantly on it. I’ve been given a personal one since then, and that has enabled me to be on[…]

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