Posted March 26, 2013

I am engaged to a wonderful man who feels God is calling him to serve hispanic people in the Dominican Republic as a full time missionary. I however dont feel that call on my life God hasnt placed that burden on my heart. We have talked about it and it seems we are at a cross roads of to continue the plans of marriage or break up. We have set up a meeting with our pastor but I would some advice from someone who isnt invested in our relationship at all any Godly advice?



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  1. blessedabovemeasure

    A missionary’s wife need not feel “called” to the field or have the same “burden” as her husband. A wife’s calling is to her husband to be his help meet in whatever his “calling” in life may be. I would not let this interfere in you marrying this man as being his wife will be your “job” and if he does indeed go to the Dominican Republic and minister, you will eventually get the “burden” for those lost souls as well. A Christian girl should marry with the attitude of Ruth “whither thou goest”. If you don’t feel called to the Dominican then what would you say to Africa or Mexico or Nebraska or Alaska or any place he may feel led to go? Love can be anywhere and that is our wifely job- to love our husband. May God guide you.

    # March 29, 2013

  2. omi18

    If God calls a man, He will call his wife too. Also, many times the helpmeet does not even realize how God has called and equipped her until she is active in the ministry right along with her man. I have seen this happen a couple of times and have heard many stories from pastor’s and missionary’s wives. They had no clue that their man was gonna be called a certain way until marriage or engagement! There were doubts and fears and struggles, but they stood by their men and have been huge blessings! So, I suppose my advice would be this: give it some time. Maybe go on a few ( chaperoned ) trips with him and see how you feel. Perhaps you don’t feel called to the mission field as he does right now, but can you see yourself ( at the very least ) providing a happy home for him to work from? Supporting his work with your prayers? Sometimes ministry wives have a slightly different calling than their man. You do not necessarily need to have a burden for the people to be your man’s helpmeet. However, God will show you His perfect plan in time if you continue to seek Him. I do not say any of these things are right for you and your man, I only am voicing the thoughts I have on the situation. Don’t do something you will regret, whether that is not marrying the man God has for you, or joining with him in ministry and marriage when it is not God’s will. Think of what you would regret most and that may give a clue to what the decision could be.

    God Bless!

    # April 1, 2013