Posted July 2, 2012


I happened to look down at my knees the other day when I was wearing shorts in Pilates class and realized that my knees look like they belong to a 10-year-old boy. I have tons of scars on my legs, mostly from nicking myself while shaving and tripping while running/rollerblading/running through the sprinklers in the park in the dark. 🙂 And I have really nasty looking scar left over from a plantar wart. (sorry, I know it’s gross) Oh, and the two dents in one shin from a bike accident years ago. You get the idea. My legs are pretty icky looking. Does anyone have any ideas for getting rid of the scars and preventing scarring in the future? I’ve used vitamin E oil, but it doesn’t seem to do much for me. Sometimes I’ll concoct a comfrey potion of some sort to help heal new “battle wounds,” but that’s icky and slimy and it’s hard to do that for an extended period. Any ideas (especially home remedies) would be greatly appreciated by my poor, abused knees and shins. 🙂


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  1. marie (guest)

    In my family we have had lots of success with using a particular chinese herbal powder called Yunnan Baiyao. It is sort of like the penicillin of Asia– Google it and you’ll see all sorts of stuff about it.

    It is sort of like corn starch in that if you get it wet it becomes like a sticky paste (which then you can put on wounds). It does have a sharp odor, but smells kind of like pine/cedar wood. We have used it on all sorts of new cuts and scrapes. I don’t know how it would do on old scars, but it might be worth a try on those too. My mom got a large burn on her thumb when she touched one of the rack rods on the inside of the oven without mitts. Easily a 2nd degree burn. She put this powder on it faithfully for a couple days, and it healed amazingly fast. New skin grew very quickly. It is also good for acne as well in my experience. If you have an international market close by you might look there for it, or you could buy it online.

    Hope that helps!!

    # July 2, 2012

    • marie (guest)

      oh and by the way, my Mom now has ZERO scarring from that burn.

      # July 12, 2012

    • Kat (guest)

      Sounds really interesting – I will definitely check it out. I got a very painful second degree burn on my finger a while back. I put poultices of comfrey, plantain, cayenne pepper and aloe on it for a week or two and then when the blister popped and healed up a little, I started just putting Eden Salve on it. That was probably about 3 months ago and there is absolutely no scarring at all. Maybe the trick is to just be consistent. But I feel a little silly going to class with my finger all wrapped in gauze. 🙂

      # July 19, 2012

  2. Serafina (guest)

    Hi there Kat,

    I suggest doing some reading at or welltellme, as you might find some helpful salves, information, advice.
    (I did a quite search and came up with this:

    Also, have you ever used aloe vera for your skin? It’s done nice things in clearing up mine. 😉

    # July 3, 2012

  3. Herb Girl (guest)

    Yes, Aloe Vera works amazingly well. I use it ever evening on my face, and have had the clearest, softest, scar-free skin since. I’ve also had great success with minimizing scars with Vitamin E oil. I just bought it in a 4 oz bottle from the health food store. Hope that helps! 🙂 Blessings

    # July 13, 2012

    • Kat (guest)

      I just started using aloe vera gel (since our aloe plant kicked the bucket, er, planter 🙂 a while back) and have really liked it. I don’t have trouble with acne, but my face does tend to get greasy if I put lotion on it and dry if I don’t, so I’ve had a hard time finding a happy medium. But now I think I’ve found it – aloe! My skin looks great and doesn’t feel either greasy or dry most of the time. Plus it’s great when I get a little too much sun and turn a nice toasty red color! 🙂

      # July 19, 2012

      • CJ (guest)

        I love aloe vera gel too! It’s so nice to apply and feels super nice anywhere on my body! 🙂 (It even worked when I had mosquito bites and a cut from a razor!)

        # July 20, 2012

  4. Faith17

    I second Marie Yunnan Baiyao is amazing! it is great for acne to. Look it up

    Fun Fact: people actually take(swallow or put in their body somehow) Yunnan Baiyao to treat internal bleeding (makes the blood clot or something like that) and also use it for gunshot wounds

    # March 10, 2013