I live with a big family. My Mom works and my Dad is gone most of the time trying to make money at little jobs. We also have a big house because there is so many of us. The problem is that sometimes we can be a bit messy. Whenever My mom comes home  from[...]


Learning About Midwifery… Questions

I want to get some type of training in midwifery and/or natural childbirth. Working through a couple of books right now, but I’d like more hands-on experience. Does anyone know the best way to do this? Right now I’m looking at a workshop that costs around four hundred bucks. Willing to travel some but not[...]

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How Should I Prepare to Serve on the Mission Field?

Hi, I’m a young woman in high school. Since long before I was saved at age 12, I’ve always wanted to be a missionary somewhere. I’m especially interested in the Central/South Americans, but I’m open to wherever God wants me to go. I’m not old enough to go yet, but I’m wondering in what ways[...]


The Most Important Thing to Know How to Cook?

Hi guys! I am 17 years old and a very good cook and create a large variety of things (both entrees, side and desserts). Cooking is a passion of mine and I have worked very hard throughout my childhood to get these skills. Whereas 3 of my sisters that are around my age (1 older[...]


Ideas for Prolife Work?

What can I do to fight abortion? What do you gals do? I am going to start getting together with folks from our area to pray, but I would like to do more as well…