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What Is the Best Method of Studying the Bible?

…. Let’s take it from the start. I graduated from an independent Bible College with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Bible and theology, and still did not know the Bible or how to study it. I loved theology classes, which were taught by a staunch…

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Learning From the Atheists

…k We have in our possession an ancient book called “The Holy Bible.” There is a preponderance of evidence that the Bible is the words of God to man. It contains the information you need to make sense of the world, of yourself, and to know God. For…

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New Age Bible Versions

…read a little Greek, I thought I had arrived. I was reading the Bible in the original language, or so I thought. The Greek, which I thought was THE Greek Bible, was the 25th edition of the Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament published by the American Bible S…

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How to Study Your Bible: Part 3 Session with Nathan Pearl from the Big Texas Shindig

…For a passage study, the most important tool that I have is the Bible. It seems odd to put something that simple up there, but you would be shocked at how many people study the Bible without ever opening the Bible. They will read a commentary on it. They&…

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Gap Answered

…d verses of the first chapter of Genesis. Other passages in the Bible address this subject more definitively. Nearly every Bible commentary, whether ancient or modern, assumes the existence of this time gap. However, in recent years opposition has arisen…

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Bible Questions with Michael Pearl - How do we know the Bible is correct? - Episode 087

How do we know the Bible is correct?

This Week’s Bible Question: How do I explain to my Atheist / Agnostic friends that the King James Bible is the correct Bible to take my information from? They stump me with saying, “Other stories are similar and have been around before Jesus.” Episode Tr…

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Bible Basics-Mike-Part 1

Bible Basics: Part 1 Session with Michael Pearl from the Big Texas Shindig

…aving itching ears.” I remember I was so excited to go to Bible college, because they had just come out with the J. B. Phillips, the Moffatt translation, the American Standard 1901, had been around for a long time, they came out with the Amplified B…

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Bible Questions with Michael Pearl - Episode 081

Are there any paradoxes in the Bible?

This Weeks Bible Question: Are there any paradoxes in the Bible? If so, what kind of paradoxes? Episode Transcription [music] Michael Pearl: Alright, here we are once again. I’ve still got my new green shirt on, and we’re here to answer your Bible questi…

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Shalom and Kirsten talking about doing a Bible study with the Preparing to Be a Help Meet book

Starting Your Own Preparing Bible Study

…ing to talk about starting your own Preparing To Be A Help Meet Bible study. All the summer activities are winding down. It’s Fall and it’s the perfect time to start organizing a Bible study for young girls and older girls. The Preparing book lends itself…

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Bible Questions Episode 055

What’s the right Religion?

…s? Well, science. You take, for instance, at least half of your bible is prophesy and a very specific, very clear prophecy. I was thinking about one the other day, the city of Tyre. I noticed the news speaking of Tyre over there in Lebanon. Buy the Bible

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