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What Is the Best Method of Studying the Bible?

…e at the meaning of an individual word by using your concordance to find and read every time that word is used anywhere in the Bible. The Bible will define its own words by the multiple contexts in which it is used. The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge is…

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Learning From the Atheists

…multitude of conflicting English translations of the Bible, and the growth of large churches that are embarrassed to hold up a Bible–any bible–and say, “This is the perfect, infallible word of God, without error of any kind; I believe every word in it.”…

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New Age Bible Versions

…God? If it is not a King James Bible, then know that the translators and publishers of your “version” do not believe that your bible is the Bible, the Word of God. I now reach up and pull a book from the shelf here in my library. Like many of the books…

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How to Study Your Bible: Part 3 Session with Nathan Pearl from the Big Texas Shindig

…I have is the Bible. It seems odd to put something that simple up there, but you would be shocked at how many people study the Bible without ever opening the Bible. They will read a commentary on it. They’ll read what somebody says about it….

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Gap Answered

…y the earth was created with the appearance of age, no matter how old it is. This author is nothing more than a student of the Bible. The Bible doesn’t suggest that the earth is old. It just states that it existed prior to the six days of recreation….

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Bible Questions with Michael Pearl - How do we know the Bible is correct? - Episode 087

How do we know the Bible is correct?

…ing. I don’t know why you would want to convince an atheist of that. what you want to convince an atheist of is that the Bible, any Bible all of your versions have the fulfilled prophecies in them. In other words they all tell you about the city of…

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Bible Basics-Mike-Part 1

Bible Basics: Part 1 Session with Michael Pearl from the Big Texas Shindig

…k and correct the Bible like all the preachers I was hearing coming out of the Southern Baptist seminaries were correcting the Bible. My first year in Bible college, the first week in Greek class, I was excited. Learned the alphabet. I was memorizing the…

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Bible Questions with Michael Pearl - Episode 081

Are there any paradoxes in the Bible?

…paradox, I am certainly not going to bail out of the ship of faith from what I don’t know. I am going to continue to ride the ship of faith based on what I do know, and what God has revealed to us. Voiceover: If you would like to ask a Bible question,…

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Shalom and Kirsten talking about doing a Bible study with the Preparing to Be a Help Meet book

Starting Your Own Preparing Bible Study

…e-breakers on there. We also have weekly studies up and a lot of girls post interesting questions. SHALOM: If you can’t have a Bible study, or if you can’t teach a Bible study or be involved with one because you don’t know anybody, go to…

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Bible Questions Episode 055

What’s the right Religion?

…e that demands a verdict and the verdict is that we’re guilty of not believing God’s word that it is God’s book. All right, I’m going to get back to throwing some knives. Announcer: If you would like to ask a Bible question, email…

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