Order toll-free 1-866-292-9936


Can I speak to Mike or Debi?

Sorry. Mike & Debi don't take personal phone calls. You may write them a letter or send them an email at ngj@nogreaterjoy.org.

What is the phone number for the Bulk Herb Store?

Their toll-free number is 877-278-4257.

What is an MP3?

It is a format that was developed in the 1990s for downloading music quicker. It compresses files so that you can get more information on a disc. For example, we took our Romans 20 CD set and compressed it down to fit on 1 MP3 CD.

It is cheaper for us to produce discs in the MP3 format and we pass the savings on to you. And it is better for you since it takes up less space and you can download it onto your own personal MP3 player. Most modern home stereo systems, car stereos, personal computers, and DVD players can play our MP3 CDs. Of course you can also copy the MP3 files from our discs to your iPod or other MP3 player using computer software such as Apple iTunes or Windows Media Player.

We now also offer many of our audio messages for direct download in the MP3 format - no disc is necessary.

Do you have direct download capability for your audio messages?

We currently have a few messages available for purchase through direct download. We will add more in the future.

When will the men's book be ready?

Mike write on it occasionally but at this point in time, it's anybody's guess. It will be announced on our website so visit back often.

Do you have a book for young men, comparable to the Preparing book?

Not at this time, and we're not even sure that one is on the "future projects" list. For young men, we have the CD titled Becoming A Man. And we also have a CD titled Young Adults and Marriage which is also very good for all teenagers. We also have a new DVD titled Becoming Tempered Steel by Joshua Steele, which addresses social issues that young men face.

Do you have any Created books with the old cover?

Sorry, we don't. You might check Amazon.com of Half.com to see if someone is selling an older copy. Careful! It might have handwritten notes in the book.

When and where are the Pearls speaking again?

Currently Mike & Debi spend thier time managing the ministry, writing books and articles, spending time with their grandchildren, etc. At present they have no plans for any seminars in the near future.

Do you have a smaller quantity discount for your Good & Evil book?

Right now we only offer a quantity discount if you purchase a caselot of 26 books. We do have them on sale quite often so visit our website often. We also announce any specials in our magazine and also in our weekly email blasts that we send out to our online email subscribers. You may sign up for the email blast on our website.

Do you have other shipping options?

Since we now have the new store, you can select the shipping option that best fits your needs.

I can't get my card to work. Can you help me?

Our system takes regular credit cards and debit cards. We do NOT accept gift cards. Also make sure you enter the correct billing address. If you use a P.O. Box for your mail, then that must be entered in the Billing information. You may enter a physical address in the Shipping address. Also if you get an error message, it is best to wait 10 minutes or more before trying again. If you make several attempts to use the card in a short period of time, the system thinks it is fraud and will shut you out completely.

How much is shipping?

That depends on what you are ordering, where it is going, and also how you want it shipped. Our shipping costs are listed on our webstore.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

That depends on what you are ordering, where it is going, and also how you want it shipped.

Are you one of the Pearls?

The people that answer the order phone lines are employees who are friends and neighbors of the Pearls and have been acquainted with each other for several years. One big happy family!