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Too Young to Spank?

When is a child too young to spank? The answer is obviously dependent on your definition of the word “spank.” Some parents practice spanking in a manner that is inappropriate for any child at any age. They strike out in anger and seek to punish the child for the offense the bad behavior has caused them. This is unacceptable at any age, but it is especially egregious when directed at very young and immature children. Spanking at any age should only be administered by those who have a proper philosophy of spanking and are not emotionally-driven. Our booklet Biblical Chastisement thoroughly ... Read More
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Steps to Obedience

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

No! This command is much needed, but can be so overused that the child never listens to it.

October 2014
training starts at birth photo

Training Starts at Birth

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

Every parent trains their children. They train them to scream and pitch fits, or they train them to be sweet and obedient, but the child is trained either way.

August 2014
Three Types of Children, Part 3: Building Confidence

Three Types of Children, Part 3: Building Confidence (Steady/Servant Type)

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

In part 3 of her series on raising the three types of children, Shalom talks about how building confidence in your laid-back, steady child is an everyday job—to let them accomplish something, to overcome, and to be victorious!

April 2014
Who Defines Your Children?

Who Defines Your Children?

Michael Pearl

Children see their reflection in the eyes of others. They gaze into the mirror of eyes that love or judge, blame or cherish, or that show delight. The developing child then says, “So that is who I am.”

April 2014
Small girl asking why


Michael Pearl

When I tell my 4-year-old son to do something, his first response is always, “Why?” How should I deal with this issue?

February 2013
Young girl painting an egg

What Is Creativity and Is It Important?

Debi Pearl

Are you homeschooling your child in a way that cultivates creativity or that stifles it?

February 2013
Training Toddlers

Training Toddlers

Leah Spina

Training toddlers can be exhausting, but the present and future rewards are worth it!

March 2012
Nuts and Nurturing

Nuts & Nurturing

Michael Pearl

Children love to be involved.

February 2012
The Responsiblity Train

The Responsibility Train

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

He is quite happy being a part of the family train, and we are so happy to see him moving up in position.

February 2012
Girl eating apple

Training for Honesty

Kim Doebler

Have you been looking for ways to teach children how lies hurt? Here’s an object lesson on the destructive power of lies. You’ll need an apple, a hammer and a flair for the dramatic!

August 2011
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