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Hezekiah – 2 Kings 18-19

Nathan Pearl

This is a wonderful message given by Nathan Pearl about the life of King Hezekiah. It is a beautiful reminder of prayer, how to walk in light of end times and God supernaturally coming to the defense of a man … Read more

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The Majesty of Christ

Nathan Pearl

Preaching at Nathan and Gabe’s new church in Hawaii. Nathan reads and preaches from the 3 passages in Scripture that tell of God’s throne. It is all about Jesus. This is so worth watching!  

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Richard Batson – Missionary to the Philippines

No Greater Joy Ministries

What difference can one person make? God does not called the equipped, He equips the called. Watch this video and see the work that Richard Batson is currently underway with in the Philippines.

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Bible Questions with Michael Pearl - Episode 090Play4:52

How do I get right with God?

Michael Pearl

Follow around Mike this week as he answers the question, “Is it possible for Christians to ‘backslide’ and how could they get right with God?”

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Bible Questions with Michael Pearl - Episode 089 - Why do people go to Hell?Play5:21

Why Do People Go to Hell?

Michael Pearl

Follow Mike around this week as he answers the question “Why do people go to Hell if they don’t know about Jesus?”

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iMissionaries Testimonial: ErickPlay03:53

iMissionaries Testimonial – Erick

No Greater Joy Ministries

Erick tells his iMissionary story after a missions trip to Mexico. He was challenged to share the gospel using the Good and Evil Facebook add in three different Spanish speaking countries, using the iMissionaries project.

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iMissionaries Testimonial - RebekahPlay1:19

iMissionaries Testimonial – Rebekah

No Greater Joy Ministries

Rebekah tells about the effectiveness of social networks in sharing the gospel using Good and Evil as part of the iMissionaries project.

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iMIssionaries Testimonial - MarlinPlay1:36

How One Man Is Using Facebook with iMissionaries

No Greater Joy Ministries

Watch Marlin Zimmerman speak about his success with iMissionaries internet evangelism. To become an iMissionary yourself, go to

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Recording in Progress for Foreign Language Good and Evil VideosPlay02:47

Good & Evil Audio Recording in SE Asain Languages

No Greater Joy Ministries

Did you ever wonder how a book was translated from words into audio? Watch as locals read the Good & Evil book in their language and record the audio version.

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Nathan Pearl: Young Love (NGJ Shindig 2013)Play55:53

Nathan Pearl: Young Love (NGJ Shindig 2013)

Nathan Pearl

Nathan Pearl shares his life testimony on love and marriage at the Great Ozark Mountain Shindig in Missouri, September 12-15, 2013. This is part one of a two-part series by Nathan; the next part is Young Love Continues.

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