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Alabama Disaster Relief Update

May 2, 2011

Last night Shalom called from Tuscaloosa, AL. She and Zephyr fed over 2,000 people yesterday. They cooked on one grill. She said people just kept coming all day, walking in from the various effected areas. The place where volunteers from No Greater Joy set up the food is a Church of God building, and it is the one building still standing in the area and it was totally untouched!

I asked Shalom where they were getting so much food since I knew we didn’t send enough for that many people, and she said people were donating food but not many stayed to volunteer to help serve the food. She said that every time she thinks they are about to run out of food more is delivered. Pray for laborers. It is too much work for just a few. Shalom said she is trying to get in touch with Talitha hoping she can help her cook for the multitudes tomorrow. A cooking trailer was delivered last evening so they will be cooking in the tiny building tomorrow which will be better.

A news crew came yesterday and she said they took pictures of Parker playing while she cooked.

Most of the volunteers are experienced carpenters and they are busy from daybreak to late in the evening trying to repair just enough to give people a shelter from the sun and rain. Of course these workers also need meals.

Shalom said that Zephyr has been standing in the hot sun for 3 days cooking for people and she is so sun burned and exhausted that it is amazing she is still able to work. The children went with them and they have been handing out tracts. The kids are sun burned too. Nathan has been organizing so when workers get there they know where to go and what supplies they will need. He is taking his family home tomorrow, so that means two more workers will need to fill their places.

Zephyr sent a few photos from her phone which are included with this post. Shalom said everyone is dirty — their clothes, their hair, their hands as they eat — all nasty and dirty. She said it is sad to see nice folks unable to get clean!

— Debi

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