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NGJ Kids: August 2011

July 15, 2011

The Pizza Problem

My name is Carly and I am 10. I love pizza. One night I was eating pizza for dinner. I love it so much that I ate 6 pieces! I asked my Mom for 1 more piece. But soon I wasn’t hungry anymore. When no one was looking I put my pizza under the table. That night my Dad found it. He asked who did it. I didn’t say anything. Then he gave us all lots of spankings. After that I told on myself. My parents said lying’s bad and that they didn’t like it when I lied. They also said I made everyone else get spanked and that wasn’t fair! I had to wash the dishes for a week for punishment. I learned never to lie!

Painted Rocks

Painting rocks is LOADS of summertime fun! First, find a table outside and cover it with several layers of newspaper or a piece of plastic. This can be messy, so wear old c0lothes! Hunt down some rounded rocks, paintbrushes in various sizes, glue and acrylic or oil paint*. Rinse your rocks in water, then dry in the hot sun. Flat rocks work best for beginners. Try a ladybug, your name, or a scene. Use your creations as paperweights, doorstops or magnets (smaller ones—get some magnets and glue). Some kids sell their rocks or give them away as gifts. With larger rocks you can paint an entire scene. Look online for ideas and have fun creating!

*If you use oil paint, make sure to clean your brush in turpentine! Use water to clean acrylic paint.

  • Whole Pita Breads (whole wheat or white)
  • Spagetti or Pizza Sauce—about 2 Tbsp. per Pizza
  • Fresh Veggies, chopped small
  • Mozzarella Cheese, shredded
  • Olive Oil

Place pita breads (whole) on a baking sheet and brush each one with olive oil. Spread sauce on top of the pita, add veggies, then top with cheese. Bake 5-8 minutes at 400° or until cheese melts and pizza edge turns toasty brown. Try cooking them on a grill to keep the heat out of the house. Yum!