West Coast Prison Distribution of Good and Evil books

Dear NGJ Readers,

Around one year ago, our charity group here in California, called Lamb Services, Inc., responded to an invitation in the NGJ magazine to send Good and Evil books to those  incarcerated. This article said that if we launched this outreach program, we soon would be overwhelmed with requests of prisoners who wanted a copy of this book. We can now testify that they were right. In the last month, we have averaged around 45 letters each day asking for a book. Many of these letters contain admissions that they have made wrong choices and they want to go a different way, and could we please send them a copy of the Good and Evil book. Several tell about their families and the pain of being separated from them. They sometimes ask for a book to be sent to their families. But now, with our funds being limited, we can only send them to those incarcerated.

I recently read a news article indicating that Islam was making inroads to those who are incarcerated, and many are open to its false teachings. What a shame that each inmate does not have a copy of Good and Evil, as well as a Bible. What an opportunity we have to send the saving light of Jesus to those incarcerated!

Here are a few comments from some of the letters we have received:

From William: “It is amazing how such a book can make myself and my friends aware [of] how powerful the beauty of the Bible can be. I am practically praying and begging the good people at Lamb Services to please send me this book through your great charity.”

From Geofrey: “I just took a look at your comic type book Good and Evil and was blown away to say the least. I did not want to stop reading it. It was so easy to go from page to page. Unfortunately though, it was not mine to keep. I hate to say this, but it is hard for me to get a grasp of what is going on in my Bible. I would be forever grateful if I could receive a copy of Good and Evil and feel that it would help me to better understand God and Jesus Christ’s message. Thank you for your time and God bless.”

From Rubhen: “I was wondering if you could send me a Good and Evil picture Bible on this walk. Also, I would like to take it home and share it with my wife and my two beautiful daughters. Also, could you please say a special prayer for my wife and daughters. It is really hard right now taking care of everything while I am incarcerated.”

From Israel: “I am 19 years old, and I got sent to prison for mistakes I did when I was younger. I’ve been incarcerated since 2009, it broke my mothers heart to see her youngest son get 9 years with 2 strikes at 18. I learned the hard way, I guess, that hanging with the wrong crowd wasn’t going to take me anywhere. My friend showed me a book called Good and Evil and it surprised me, it opened my eyes! I see that there is more to life than always getting into trouble. I never got to read the whole thing. I was wondering if you know how I could come across one? I really need God right now. I feel so lonely in this prison system.”

In the past year we have sent out over 7,000 books to 69 different facilities here in California. We have also sent cases to Chaplains for them to distribute, but we have had to stop that since we cannot keep up with the individual requests we are now getting on a daily basis. It is amazing that the demand for this book is so strong and it keeps on coming.

We have several work teams consisting of grandparents, parents, teenagers and children who come together for one or two evenings each month to process these requests. We read the letters and sort them in tubs according to their request for an English book, Spanish book, thank you and prayer requests, or correspondence. We have several working to input the names into a computer program we designed to put all the required information on the label that the jails and prisons require. We have the children put the return sticky labels on the envelopes and perform other menial tasks. We have some who will open each book and handwrite a short personal greeting, “Jesus loves you” and John 3:16 on the inside cover, and stamp with the information stating that this book was provided from us and our address. We also insert a loose one-page note with several things on it, such as a reminder that we have prayed for them that they would believe on Jesus Christ and accept Him into their life, information on how to get a correspondence Bible Study, and on the back we have printed out the song “I Was in Sin’s Prison” which proclaims the victory we have since Jesus signed our pardon.

We usually have the entire group stop and pray for each prisoner that has requested a book, as well as their families and the other people that were possibly hurt by their crimes.

The evenings that our work teams get together flow smoothly and it is inspiring to see so many hands working to help get these books ready to mail out.

Due to the large amount of requests we are now getting, our biggest limitation is getting the funds to buy and mail out the books to keep up with the demand. We do truly want to say thank you for all that have prayed for us, and given of your funds and time to help us with this project.

May our Lord Jesus be Praised!

Randy Jenkins

Lamb Services, Inc.
PO Box 1050
Ceres, CA 95307

If you would like to start your own prison ministry, contact us here at NGJ and we will assist you in getting started. There is no profit in this for us. We make the books available to you at our cost, which is less than the average printing cost.

Note: Due to California postal regulations NGJ could not send prisoners the Good and Evil book. The ministry from California stepped in the gap.