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Meet the Staff: The Amazing Shalom

September 5, 2011

She writes our most popular blog:
She also writes the children's section and an interesting parenting article for our bi-monthly magazine.
She has 3 young children, keeps her 86-year-old granddad and still manages to be a great help meet to her beloved husband, Justin.
She gardens, cans, helps with the construction of the room they added on for Daddy Bill, puts up meals, and helps Mike & Debi around the farm.
My hand is tired from telling all the things she does!

One comment on “Meet the Staff: The Amazing Shalom”

  1. I know it is okay to have favorites because I've heard Michael pearl say so!

    Shalom is my Favorite. I am a 48 yr old Mother of three boys, and even though we have raised two and they are to marry this summer and fall, we still have an 11 yr old at home and Shalom encourages me to not grow weary in doing good.

    She strikes me as one who puts others first. Not having the ME syndrome. Michael and Debbie, you did a wonderful job raising her.

    I wish I had more Ladies like Shalom and Debbie Pearl in my community!! Rise up Ladies!