In our last magazine we ran a short article called Silent Presses. Well, the presses are silent NO MORE! Several people stepped into the gap providing the necessary funds for the third printing of Good and Evil in the CEBUANO LANGUAGE of the Philippines. Printing is also underway for the Nepali Good and Evil. The Hawa Naga Good and Evil will soon be available to the people of India. Punjabi Good and Evil is now at the printers. Good and Evil is now available in about 35 languages. Most of them are available through NGJ Ministries. If you know a missionary who would like to print and distribute in one of these languages, tell them to contact us.

The commission to publish the gospel to all the world was given to all of us. One missionary supported almost entirely by NGJ Ministries risks his life going into Muslim schools distributing Good and Evil to each student is obeying the call as are the men and women who translated and formatted it for print.

For six years now, because of your gifts, NGJ has invested a minimum of $5,000.00 every month (sometimes as much as $15,000.00) into a translation house in Thailand where six to eight dedicated Christians sit behind computers every day preparing translations for printing. This is an unbelievably colossal job. The money came from children, men and women, Sunday School classes, and Ladies’ Prayer Groups. When we gather before the Judgment Seat of Christ, to receive our rewards, many families who prayed together at every meal, asking God to bless this ministry, will stand there together as they receive a full reward for their contribution in souls who heard the gospel for the first time through a beautifully-colored Bible Story book.

There are still many languages that are yet untouched with the gospel. We are ready, able, and willing to send thousands of paper preachers to do the task as the funds are made available. Every penny that comes in that is designated to the Good and Evil books goes directly to the foreign language project.

If your family has made a habit of praying for us, send us a picture and we will put it up on our Wall of Remembrance. No, God won’t remember you because you are on our wall but we will. God will remember you because you pray.