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Memoirs of a Young Father

December 15, 2011

I am a young father. My oldest daughter is 9. Last week I was finishing up a construction project and I took her to work with me. As we worked together we talked about life in general but as she got comfortable hanging out with daddy she began to ask more thoughtful questions. Questions like, “Why do some people not love God?” Then she went on to ask, “If the Bible says not to do that, why do they disobey?” Her questions revealed that she understood her human responsibility before God.

It is clear to me that my children are growing in knowledge of right and wrong. I do not want to miss this opportunity to direct her thoughts in paths of light. She was not seeking to know the rules; she wanted to know what was behind them. I was very frank in my discussion of other people’s sin and the consequences of that sin. I told her how wisdom from God had preserved me and her mother and brought us to the blessed state we now share. We discussed not only the tragedy of sin but how God can forgive as well. In the Bible, Lot held on to the world and lost his sons, whereas Abraham entrusted his sons to God and they were greatly blessed.


One comment on “Memoirs of a Young Father”

  1. Thank you for sharing. Sounds like your daughter has great faith through God's grace. Please pray for my sons. They are 7 and 4. We are trying to show them God's word and ways. My wife and I come from broken backgrounds so we need ministries like yours to draw practical wisdom. Thanks for all you do.