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God’s Helper... and Mine

February 15, 2012

Many young people lollygag away their youth waiting … waiting … and waiting for something to happen … hopefully marriage. It is like living in a state of suspended animation until life can really begin. Dull, dumb, slow wait. Your youth should be the most productive time of your life. Young men should be training in several vocations as well as helping out in missions. Young ladies should be looking for ways to bless their families, church, and other ministries. This time should be spent in training for office work, medical work, midwifery, gardening, herbs, and many other practical skills. Once you are married, your time will be consumed with meeting the needs of your family, so there will be little time to learn or give to others.

So, while you are waiting, pour yourself out for Christ’s sake.


Consider Liz. She is my righthand handmaiden. If I am cooking for the office personnel and I am called away to respond to an urgent issue, I don’t fret that something will burn, because I know she has my back. If I am trying to come up with ideas for the magazine, she is ready with a list of things that I have mentioned over the last few weeks and forgotten. If I have to go to Nashville, she is the designated driver and has the list of what has to be done, the phone charged, and directions to where we are headed. I don’t tell her what to do; she just does it because she is my helper. I can minister to my fullest because she makes sure I am in top form. She ministers to families to whom NGJ ministers.

She is also a missionary to the 35 other countries that have the Good and Evil book because she was part of the team that made it possible for the language groups to be reached. Liz is single, waiting on the love of her life to show up, but she is NOT lollygagging her time away while she waits. Through her ministry as my helper she is learning things that will better equip her for marriage.

In addition to being my helper, she is involved in a ministry trying to stop child sexual slavery here in America. Yes, it shocked me when she told me that right here in our small area there are children being used as sexual slaves. Truck drivers are buying the use of children while their trucks are at gas stations. The children that escape the sex rings are emotionally scarred and need a lot of healing. Liz is involved in helping bring support for them. She is serving as a volunteer to help those who need someone.

There are so many ways you can make a difference—an eternal difference. So, while you are waiting, pour yourself out for Christ’s sake. To get involved check out

2 comments on “God’s Helper... and Mine”

  1. Morning Im reading the help meet book and lts great it opened my eyes to the real truth but sadly I'm reading it to late all I did was destroy everything In my home I'm a young women and I wish I could have read this earlier but I give a lot of thanks to this friend that gave it to me much love for him all I could say its I'm going to treasure this book pls if someone could contact me by email I will like to write a letter to debi pearl I will like some advise from her