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“To Train Up A Child” authors defend corporal chastisement book

February 29, 2012

[notice]Update (7/26/2012) - The link below has expired and no longer works. The news site that originally carried this story has removed/archived the page to make room for newer content.[/notice]

WPEC 12 (CBS) West Palm Beach — “‘To Train Up A Child’ authors defend corporal punishment book”. Click the link to read the story, and leave a comment if you wish.

5 comments on ““To Train Up A Child” authors defend corporal chastisement book”

  1. I commented on the article you linked to. I'm pretty tired of people misrepresenting you, when from the stuff of yours I've read you seem to actually have a really good balance on discipline and love.

  2. This is THE BEST book on child rearing we have ever seen! We used it for the training of our children and now our grandchildren are being trained by it. We have given out several cases of this book over the years. I ALWAYS give it at baby showers. If a couple will follow diligently the training set forth in this book they will have wonderful children! People have always commented on what good, well behaved children we have and now they are saying the same thing about our grandchildren. May God continue to bless your ministry and protect you from vicious idiots! Someone probably gave those cruel parents one of your books after they saw how badly the children were being treated so they could learn the RIGHT way to raise children! They should have followed your advice. Keep doing what you do with unashamed boldness. We need you.

  3. Went to the site and left a comment. There are some hateful people in that comment section that are not above telling lies designed as book quotes to trick people.

    1. Yes, you are right, it looks like they took that page down. News websites often remove old articles after a short time in favor of fresh content and to keep their site running fast.

      I will add a notice on this post saying the link has expired. Thanks for the heads-up!