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Ghostly Visitors (A Riddle)

May 13, 2012

[notice]Update (5/14/12) — we have a winner! Congratulations to Kelly who answered correctly early Sunday morning. She will receive a FREE copy of the Good and Evil Graphic Novel!

Thanks to all who participated; your answers are posted below in the Responses section.[/notice]

Can anyone guess what the picture is all about?

City folks say hill country makes for some strange customs. City folks have a lot to learn, especially about — ??? (Well, that’s what this riddle is all about.) It was hard, fast work in the late evening chill but only necessary overnight. It was very unusual for this to be needed but this year it was.

Clue: The results will be blue and will make Big Papa glad.

40 comments on “Ghostly Visitors (A Riddle)”

  1. You are covering your plants/flowers so the frost does not kill them overnight 🙂

  2. is the answer "frost"? Protecting your plants from "frost". We always have to cover something in the fall from frost.

  3. It must be blueberry plants that you are protecting to add to my first response!

  4. Well, as a born and raised city slicker I can't be sure, but are you preparing blueberries for a late frost?

  5. looks like it was covering plants for the freeze that was on its way and covering up well pump.

  6. Perhaps preparing the bushes for blueberries - protecting them from predators and the cold frosts

  7. You have covered fruit trees with bed sheets and blankets to keep them from freezing. My guess is possibly blueberry or plum trees. 🙂

  8. Looks like y'all had an overnight chill and needed to protect some plants from it. Since the results will be blue, I'd guess they are blueberry bushes.

  9. Hi I'm from Canada, and very familiar with covering plants up from frost. I'm going to guess that you are covering up blueberry bushes. Although they look more like a cane of some sort. Final answer, covering up blueberries from frost.

  10. Cover the blueberries so they won't get frozen
    overnight. When was this? Blueberries ripen in the
    heat of the summer, so this would be very unusual!

  11. I think the picture depicts blueberry plants being covered so the frost wouldn't kill them.

  12. I would say your ghostly images are actually blankets tied around something you want to protect from frost. Lets see... you said something blue... Are those blueberry bushes under there?