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What is this? (A Riddle)

May 20, 2012

[notice]Update (5/22/12) — We have a winner! Congratulations to Faith, who was the first to answer correctly Sunday afternoon. She will receive a FREE copy of the Good and Evil Graphic Novel!

Thanks to all who participated; your answers are posted below in the Responses section.[/notice]

It makes things happen in Cane Creek every fall. It is sweet fun and hard work. It is kin to Johnson Grass. What is it?

Submit your answer in the Response/Comments section below. The first person with a correct answer (you have to be an early bird!) will receive a FREE copy of the fabulous Good and Evil Graphic Novel.

23 comments on “What is this? (A Riddle)”

  1. or maybe sorghum?...the Guenther family does that here near us in Muddy Pond..we were privileged to help out last year!

  2. Is it sugar cane? If I win, you guys don't really have to send me another good and evil. 🙂