In 2006, the Felmley Family embarked on an adventure to translate and print Good and Evil in the Chichewa language for the people of Malawi. In 2010, their efforts and investments bore fruit when they printed 5,000 copies and began distribution in Malawi.

Now two years later the books have been distributed and they have already raised the funds to print another 2,500 copies at $2.99 each. Being a good steward, Kyle sought to negotiate a better deal (a tactic learned from NGJ’s Mel Cohen). The printer offered to print an additional 2,500 copies at $1.79 each making the total cost of the 5,000 copies less than $12,000.

Your donation can help us, to help them, make up the difference. There are over 15 million Malawians, most whom have never heard the Gospel.

Donate today and be a part of making an “eternal difference”!

You can read more about the Felmley’s adventure in the article, A Regular Family Makes an Eternal Difference With Chichewa Good and Evil.