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In the Missionary's Own Words

July 13, 2012

Here is missionary to the Philippines, Rick Batson’s, email about his experience speaking at a school and distributing the Cebuano Good and Evil.

“just to let u know about the school today... 1500 students and they almost stampeded me for the good and evil book... i have been to that school 6 times trying to get in there ... and finally made it... the kids there have been held in the dark for a long time by the catholics and pastors to get their tithes and offerings... they need the book... to learn something ... john and romans 1500 and tracts and dvds movies ...and good and evil books. tomorrow i go again to 2000 students ... i'm sure it will be the same ... i hope more discipline in staying in the chairs ... i was surrounded by students they kept getting closer and closer until i had to push them back time and time again... it was crazy i was so tired when i got home... my back was sore... and it was so hot like being in a sauna for 20 min i had to quit to get some air... great time i am glad i waited in this area to get to this school... man what a time i had ... wait until jared gets here he might not believe it... ok take care and God Bless pray for me here ..... rick batson”

Rick is excited about the soon-to-be-completed translation of the Tagalog Good and Evil. Tagalog is the native language of nearly 24 million Philipinos and understood by 96% of the Philippine population. He expects his supply of Cebuano to last until this December when we plan to have the Tagalog printed and ready for him to distribute.

Read more and watch the brief video about Rick and his path to the mission field in the article From Prison to the Philippines and the video No Greater Joy Evangelistic Team-Philippines.

You can be a part of Rick’s powerful work by donating to the Philippine Missions.

Also, join us in welcoming Clara Jean Batson (born June 6, 2012) to the Rick Batson Evangelistic Team.