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It's Time to Pray for Mike

July 23, 2012

It is time to pray for Mike. Some time ago Mike broke his lower back. It never really hurt that much, but his hip hurt, so he thought that was the problem. Over time, due to the old break, his lowest vertebra started sliding down over his tailbone, cutting off the nerves to his hip and leg. So it has to be fixed. It requires two major surgeries, two days apart. We have excellent doctors, but without the LORD . . . So be like Daniel of old and pray, keep praying, and have your children pray every day for Big Papa Pearl.

God says, “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it” (John 14:13-14).

53 comments on “It's Time to Pray for Mike”

  1. Immediately praying...and will spread the word. Keep us posted on how he is doing!

    Psalm 34:17 The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles.

  2. Debi, I am praying already. While Mike waits, even for a few days, I highly recommend these exercises in this book called "PAIN FREE" by Peter Egoscue. I know it sounds like nothing compared to what the doctors have recommended, but what if the Lord is willing to bless his efforts through those exercises? Nothing is impossible for Him, we know that, don't we? He will know pretty quickly if they help. If they do not, he would have just lost a few dollars and learned a lot! whether for himself or for the benefit of others. I pray he will try them BEFORE the surgeries.... hurry up and get the book!

  3. Lord, we place dear brother Michael in Your capable hands. We know that You are Michael's strength. We pray over Debbie, sustain her and give her strength for the days ahead. We know that you will guide the hands of his doctor. Amen.

  4. Aww, my family and I will lift you all up in prayer.
    Yahweh Ropheka- The God who heals will hear the petitions of His people.
    Get well soon Papa Pearl.
    Melissa, from the UK

  5. We are and will continue to pray for you MP! You are such a blessing to our entire family. We love you and pray for God's mercy and protection. -The Keen Family

  6. Bless your heart ! Brother Pearl we both know how amazing GOD is and we see his miracles all the time. I certainly will be praying for you. My children too. They talk about the "Great Knife Thrower " all the time. You have been such a blessing. I pray the LORD heals you without surgery but if surgery is required will continue to pray. Its my prayer that the doctors hands are guided with each slight movement. That your body is rested before surgery and you are able to rest and heal. I pray the pain is very little. I pray that your sweet wife is filled with comfort. Oh so much more I will pray for. You can count on the Happy Hillbillies to pray for you my friend. May the LORD give you comfort, rest and certainly most of all healing. We love your whole family.

  7. We are thankful to the Lord for your wonderful ministry. We will be praying for you all. Love and prayers from the Marsceau family.

  8. Mike Pearl WILL be healed. God knows and I believe this. God has great potential for all those that love and cherish His son. We love you, I love you and your marriage has institutionalized a greater need in men and women to become the best they can and will become in Christ, Our Lord. Thank you very much for your ministry. Much Love, Heidi Partlow and sons, Joshua and William Partlow.

    Proud Parent Share: Joshua, 7, tells me he is a prophet. William, 4, says after prayer the other night, after a few seconds of silence, "God Says we all have a Mission"!

  9. We will be praying without ceasing for you Brother Mike. To God be the glory, Great things He hath done.

    The Raby Family / Homespun Values Ministries
    Bonney Lake, Washington

  10. I have had the opportunity to work in the nursing home at one time in my life and have seen and heard the crys of pain from many of paralyzed persons. One thing for sure is that you must be thankful that your husband still has his voice that can be heard!!

    I pray that he will be strong like Jacob and shares his visions in these times of struggle.

    I pray that physical aliments brought on by our fleshly nature do not get in the way of preaching and teaching people the truth.

    We have a VERY OLD (single for life) man, upper 80's, in our community who continues to be a voice of music and orchestrate songs all over the place and in various circumstances (weston Noble). Still orchestrated in front of thousands and thousands of spectators. Age is only a number 😉

  11. I will be praying for Michael that the Lord continue to be with him thru the surgeries. I love your ministry it helped me so much in raising my sons. May you be blessed abundantly!

  12. Dear Heavenly Father, You are so Holy. We thank you for the many blessings you give us daily. You have blessed my family & I greatly with the words & works from the Pearl Family. Through them you have given my family another opportunity to shine even in the midst of what looks like turmoil. Thank you, Dear Lord, for this Godly example of a man, Mr. Pearl, who has boldly spoken your Word, breathing life into the souls of those privileged to hear it.. I ask you Father, to give him peace & comfort through this entire ordeal. I thank you for taking the time to reach down & guide every doctor, nurse & care givers hand that tends to Mr. Pearl. I pray that you give Mrs. Debbie the strength to care for & handle all the needs that will arise during this time. We praise you, in advance, for all you are going to do & thank you for another opportunity to have you be glorified through another circumstance & letting the Pearls represent you to the Health Care Community in their area. May souls be saved & miracles occur that draw attention ti the Awesome God that you are in their town & all around. In Jesus name wer pray, Amen & Amen!

  13. We love the Pearl family, and we will pray for brother Mike. May God continue to bless you for all you do for His Kingdom.

  14. Just saw this. I will absolutely be praying to the God who made a man out of dirt. I am thankful He is always with you and strengthening you. I will be praying for a miracle too.

  15. Our family will be praying for Mr. Pearl. This ministry has been such a blessing to our family. My husband suffered for over a year with debilitating lower back issues involving nerve pain, and we were unable to get surgery approved(insurance). We purchased an inversion table and within a month of consistent use his back issue was healed. I highly recommend them to anyone I know who has severe or minor back problems. Perhaps his doctor can be consulted regarding the use of an inversion table. They are quite inexpensive. We got one for $100.00.

  16. Praying, petitioning and singing Wonderful Words of Life on your behalf! We love you. You have helped us so much to understand the Bible. It has been a continual feast ever since! We are praying for you, Debi, and all involved with the surgeries without ceasing.

  17. Yep! Prayed tons for you last night. Would wake up quite a bit and pray and pray. So thankful to God for your life and His hand on you. I will continue to pray for you and your sweet bride Debi.

  18. Praying.
    Hebrews 4:16 "Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need."

  19. We've gathered the children 'round and prayed ... we'll continue to lift Mike and all of you in Jesus' name.


  20. Will definitely be praying, as any surgery is very risky. I want to add my endorsement of the PAIN FREE book, by Egoscue, he also has other books that are very useful. I have used & recommended his books for years. He is NOT your typical Physical Therapist, and has developed these wonderful E-cises to help with posturally-induced pain! I have practiced for 25 years as a medical massage therapist, and have seen many people helped with these books. Aside from the almost-obligitory mention of evolution, I agree with everything he says. Even if Mike has to go through the surgery, these exercises would be invaluable for his recovery. Sincerely, Sharon Smith, LMT

  21. Praying for him now, and will continue to pray. What a Blessing this family has been to my family.

  22. I am praying for Papa Pearl. Keep us updated. I am also praying for you Debi. Thank you for carrying on with your ministry inspite of oppostion.

  23. Thank you for letting us know. We love you both and your ministry and we will surely be lifting dear Mike up. Our God hears us when we call . . .

  24. Praying for you from over here in Arkansas! You all have been a blessing beyond what you could imagine for our family. We will gladly do what we can for you.

  25. May God heal you quickly mike,God said we should never say we are sick. I declare that by the stripes of Jesus you are well and i loose heaing in your life, from the crown of your feet to sole of your feet in jesus name.fear not. you have taught me much too and praise god for men like u who speak the word as it is meant to and not the water down version done by so many today.

  26. We will pray for Mike and your ministry. God has just taught me this past spring that He still hears our prayers. My mother, through God's grace and prayers from around the world, has been healed from 2 brain tumors. One of God's promises that sustained us through this:
    Isaiah 46:3 “Listen to me, you descendants of Jacob,
    all the remnant of the people of Israel,
    you whom I have upheld since your birth,
    and have carried since you were born.
    4 Even to your old age and gray hairs
    I am he, I am he who will sustain you.
    I have made you and I will carry you;
    I will sustain you and I will rescue you.

  27. Dear Micheal and Debi - I had a L5-S1 fusion June 4th - The LORD granted me a great
    miracle and I can walk as far as I want and stand as long as I want also ---- after 3
    years !!!!!! We will be praying for a miracle recovery for you also. God Bless, Kristie

  28. I saw Shoshanna's note on F/B and we are rejoicing that there was only one surgery. To God be all glory!

  29. Debi, I just finished reading Created to be His Help Meet. I had never seen your website of heard of y'all until a friend gave me this book. Wow, amazing! You have a heart for the Lord. Thank you for refreshing me! I will definitely be adding your "Preparing..." book to the list for books to read on purity & relationships when the time comes for my girls. We have a prayer board in our kitchen and the children take turns on their 'day' to choose someone to pray for. We'll be putting 'Papa Mike' up there. May the powerful, mighty, healing hand of our Lord and Savior be upon him!

  30. We'll get Russian Christians to pray for the man, who has been such a blessing for us all!

  31. Haven't stopped praying and thanking God for you. So grateful to God for using you to impact my life and the lives of my sons greatly. I am in complete faith for speedy recovery and His strength to get you through the pain. Praying the pain goes away fast and the healing comes even faster. Wow, yes, I'm praying tons earnestly & fervently.

  32. Praying in Jesus Name for a fast recovery and praising God only one surgery was needed( the way it sounds). Know we will continue to pray.

  33. PRAISE THE LORD for His merciful intervention on Mike's behalf ONE MORE TIME. Thank you so much for letting us know. Sometimes God has very interesting ways to "slow us down" for HIS projects to be completed.

    I pray Lord, Creator of heaven and earth and all in them, that Mike heals at your pace and that if it is YOUR will that he heals completly, that all be accomplished through YOUR mighty grace and mercy. I pray that every eye that is set on Mike or on his name, and every ear who hears his voice or sound will be touched by Your loving Son's blood and be saved. And please remind Debi to breath before she turns blue. I pray that You give her the grace she need every single moment of her life to continue being Mike's perfect help-meet. Lord God, YOU are powerful, mighty, and loving, among many other things, to those who seek YOU. I thank YOU for all you do and not do for every one of your imperfect creatures. I pray that YOU lead us to do YOUR will and not ours, in Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

  34. Praise God god the good report!..Still praying for y'all & that he is able to finish the book so I can have it for my boys. My Dear Husband is reading Created to need aHelp Meet now & already, after only a few chapters it haas changed him tremendously. Thanking God for your ministry daily! God Bless you all!!