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A Call to Stand

July 24, 2012

Hitler’s propagandists used one of Satan’s choice tools to pull off the biggest crime toward mankind in the history of the world. They used a lie. They taught that if you tell a lie and keep repeating it enough, people will eventually come to believe it. And when they believe—truly believe—it will turn them into activists who will bring it to pass.
It only takes one liar to start the evil stampede. Our first liar was a young lesbian newspaper reporter from the East Coast. She showed up at church one Sunday morning. Our grown children, as well as a few of their friends, took her out to eat afterward and freely answered every question, laughing at her ridiculous suppositions. It turns out it wasn’t funny.
We read what she wrote on the Web. We were amazed that she would so blatantly lie, attributing to us the evil done by a child murderer that we had never met and who had NEVER read anything we wrote. But the news never carried that piece of evidence, and our not having to take the stand in court only made the voice of lies cry louder. Years passed and during that time over 1500 children a year died at the hands of their drugged or otherwise non-homeschooling parents, yet no one mentioned our name. We never heard from the lesbian reporter again but occasionally read her lies on the lesbian homeschool blog sites. Eventually false “news” begets more of the same. Repeat a lie often enough and someone is bound to pick it up.
Some homeschooling lady on the West Coast was arrested for killing her adopted child. It was widely reported that someone thought that lady might have one of our books. It turns out, according to the police report, that the guilty lady didn’t actually have our book, but who needs truth to make sensational news? About that time, the TV reporters drove from New York to my garden to have a chat. After they saw Mike coming on his tractor, they informed me they were TV reporters making a video clip for a homosexual TV personality. Mike sat on the tractor and answered their questions, which, when aired, were mysteriously changed in the footage. Hitler’s propaganda machine suddenly found new life. From the lies of one young lesbian years earlier came this BIG lie. Repeat a lie often enough and even Christians will come to believe it and militantly take up the offense.
I would estimate that as many as 9 out of every 10 homeschooling families now believes that lie. Yesterday a doctor’s wife was visiting, and she said that fellow Christians angrily approached her for being friends of the Pearls. “That’s just it,” she tells them, “I know them, I know their kids and grandkids, I know thousands of people who have used their literature to help their children . . . including you, and you are telling ME what you heard Anderson Cooper say is the truth? I think you’re missing something here!”
Six million Jewish people lost their lives to Hitler’s great lies. Good people helped make it happen because they truly believed the lie. Today homeschoolers are giving away their rights as parents because they have believed a lie. Even misguided homeschool leaders are propagating lies in their writings. Satan’s end is to steal the hearts of your children, and his lies are working.
Will you seek truth and STAND? Will you encourage others to wake up before their parental rights are stripped from them by the power of bogus news reports? First one person tells a lie, then a few repeat it, and when lies are repeated often enough and well enough, they become as truth and laws are passed based on these lies. In the end, Satan, the father of all lies, will have your children. BUT we can drown the voices of lies if we speak and write the truth well enough and often enough. Will you STAND?

25 comments on “A Call to Stand”

  1. Dearest Pearls,

    Fear not-for there are MANY homeschoolers that do not believe these lies spread about you and are ETERNALLY grateful for your ministry and boldness to speak and teach the truth. May God abundantly bless you and yours for you are such a huge blessing to many families.

  2. Glory Hallelujah, I shall not be moved, Anchored in Jehovah, I shall not be moved..I shall not be, I shall not be moved, just like a tree planted by the water, I shall not be moved!~

  3. Stand firm, and tall. Don't back down!
    God bless you all.
    The darkness hates the light.

  4. Standing firm on a solid foundation ! I love it ! God never promised us popularity for those who follow him. Keep on seeking him and remember if you have changed just one life that is what matters as you travel the journey through you called ministry. I can assure you that you and Brother Pearl have impacted thousands of lives. You certainly have mine. I often re read you material to keep it fresh in my mind. Why ? Well that simple because its true, its biblical and it certainly works ! You helped give me encouragement to homeschool years ago, I have been going now for 20 years ! An since my youngest is going to be 5 soon I still have a long ways too go. Praying I can homeschool my grandkids one day ! Mrs. Pearl , fret not the devil is just ticked and using people as his puppets because the end is near and he knows he is going down the darkest depths of hell. GOD always has the last word and we Christians will win the battle. Oh sweet sweet victory in the end , eternity with our Heavenly Father ! Praise him !

  5. All anyone has to do is read your books to see that what is being reported is a lie, but alas us Americans are too LAZY to actually do anything, we depend on someone else to tell us what is the truth. I want to thank you for the one book that I have read and that is Created, it is a wonderful book and really opened my eyes to the truth, however, had I listened to the reviews, I never would have picked it up. People in today's society want to be as far from God as possible because that way they don't have to worry about conviction. Even people in the church want to argue away what is in the Bible. All I can do is read my Bible for myself and see what God says, NOT what I think was appropriate for me, but all of it. Sometimes it hurts, and sometimes it hurts ALOT, but it is the truth and that is all that matters.

  6. Your literature has changed everything about my life for the better. Anyone whose vision has not been clouded by someone's deceit can see the love that your family expresses toward one another and your desire to truly help others achieve the joy and harmony you have. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being loving enough, and bold enough, to continue your ministry despite the opposition of so many who would love to silence you. I pray that God will continue to give you strength to stand against those who either hate His truth, or have allowed themselves to be misguided by the haters. I love you, Pearls.

  7. We will STAND for the TRUTH and YOU. I don't even want to think what life would be like with our oldest with out the wisdom we gleaned from you.

  8. I believe you, Debi and I will stand with you. We began getting your newsletter when it first came out. I would add that we received it joyfully. During that time every one (not an exaggeration) we knew gratefully received your book TTUAC. Now, out of all the families we know, only one still stands with you. It is sad.

    I can't tell you how many moms have said something to me against your ministry. Usually it starts with "well I heard they....." I always say, "did you read their stuff for yourself? Did you listen to that set of message from Mike"? And EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! the answer is "No." Its maddening! Dumb women running their mouths and being led like lambs to the slaughter.

    I am praying for your ministry.

  9. My family is so grateful for your whole families ministry. We aggressively pass it on to others when given opportunities. We are praying for Papa Pearl & what is in store for him & your ministry. May God bless you greatly!

  10. The Lord saved me through Michael Pearl and I will always be grateful for NGJ ministries. Keep up the good work Michael and Debbie. I will be praying for the upcoming operation.

  11. Thank you for your words today. I stand with you and Michael. (Judith, your words are wonderful!!:)

  12. My wife and I are not falling into the lies! Keep up the amazing work Pearls!!! God bless you!

  13. Debi, what lie you're talking about? What you stand for in child-rearing is clear from your books and articles and this very website. What is going on?!?

  14. Who with good sense ever believed anything Anderson Cooper had to say?? The media is always liberally slanted and therefore good sense is out of the equation. As anyone with actual intelligence and sensibility knows: "The proof is in the pudding"! Your 5 children are ASSETS to the world. A rare breed this day and age. God used your book (Created) to transform this humanistically slanted girl into the woman/helpmeet he created her to be. And despite what the liberal media might think... I am so much happier and blessed functioning in my created role (imagine that?!?!) Just remember... a lie is still a lie no matter how many people believe it... and truth is still TRUTH even if NO ONE believes it. Keep fighting the good fight Pearls!

  15. Anyone who has taken the time to read any of your literature knows that these are lies from the pit of hell. I know a couple of main stream church goers (women) who were offended when I offered them some of your books to them for help with their situations. Apparently they were so "empowered" after their divorce, or so "independent" after having a child out of wedlock that the Truth of God was offensive to them. It doesn't surprise me that many Sunday Morning Christians would believe this mess, just as they've blindly followed all the pop-culture preachers with their life-coach style sermons. But within my circle of homeschool families, I don't know one who doesn't support your ministry. Personally, your books and advise have kept me balanced and focused when the world around me treats me like a wierdo for being a keeper at home, and a protector and educator of my children. Thank you for taking the narrow path, and "taking one for the team". We stand with you!

  16. I found your book 'To Train Up a Child' about 6 months after it was published. It changed some attitudes that I had. I loved being a mother before, but your book encouraged me, and brought more Joy to our household. "By your works people will know you". Anyone hearing anything apparantly hasn't read your stuff or they would see that you are not that way at all. I would look forward to any time meeting you all, you have blessed our lives. (Family camp...Big Sandy , TX....Hopefully we will meet you!) We have had 13 children...5 are now married. I have LOVED being a mother and grandmother. You helped me through the years. We stand by you.

  17. There are many of us who still turn to you for parenting advice - and many of us dont have TV so we have no idea what was reported anyway 🙂

  18. You obviously have made enough of an impact that the enemy would like to silence you. I am so thankful that I recently found your book on being a help meet. My husband and I were headed for divorce. Nothing was helping. We have tried everything. My heart was not in the right place and I didn't know it. I am forever grateful to you for being brave enough to write the truth. I needed to hear the truth. Every church, pastor and christian counselor we went to was afraid to speak the truth. We kept hearing the same watered down message. And, oh my..... if one more person told us to just go on a date!!! Seriously, we couldn't stand to be in the same room for more than five minutes together. We needed real help. Families are falling apart. Children are suffering.... Our marriage was failing because we were living the great American life. I was systematically destroying my own marriage, and I thought I was the victim. I feel very empowered now. People who claim to be Christians dismiss the bible as "just a book", they don't want to believe what is said in it. So... it is only to be expected that these same people do not want to hear your words of wisdom. They are making up their own rules, their own reality, and they mark a box that says Christian because it is the thing to do. They do not want to be transformed. They want to live their life for them and that is unfortunate for them. But, there are people who desperately need to hear what you have to say. And I am so thankful that you have had the courage to stand by your convictions and not sway with the wind of the world.

  19. What you taught was taken to it's extreme.

    However-early in my parenting career I read your stuff through and soaked it up. I have read TTUAC and CTBHHM as well as literally dozens of your articles on the website, and started implementing some of the "training" with my baby when he was 4 months old.

    I had a friend who very gently urged me to consider my babies development and personhood. Who lent me books that talked about how babies communicate. Because I don't vaccinate, I started reading some of Dr Sears books for breast feeding and medical advice and learned about "Attachment Parenting". Most importantly I started reading scripture and soaking up God's character through the words. I got so hungry for *Him* that I started delving into learning the original Greek and Hebrew, learning about the culture, and asking questions of the text and answering them with the text.

    Which led me to reject the way I was raising my baby. Now, I parent my babies (since I have had a few since then, 😉 ) the way Jesus parents me. I gave up swatting and hitting and spanking for conversations, lessons on feelings, getting off my butt and teaching my kids, person to person, equal to equal, sinner to sinner..

    I realized that the love of Jesus doesn't rule with a sword, or strap, but by offering his life willingly. I realized that in dying on the cross he gave my child value. I learned that in the Kingdom of God, authority doesn't mean to rule, or have unquestioning obedience, but to come under another and to serve them. And I found out this kind of love, service not authoritarian is super hard to do while inflicting pain on the ones I am called by Christ to serve.

    This searching scriptures, and living to serve has completely transformed my whole life-not just parenting.

    So, did you right with the intention of people taking it as far as Lydia Schatz's parents did? No. Do the teachings lend themselves to that if a child doesn't submit their will as readily as described in the book? In my opinion, it's not a stretch. I'm sure you didn't mean to spank a child for 9 hours in the book-I am sure you had no idea that biblical training might not produce obedience and submission in some children. There are places-especially in online articles, where Michael does in fact make it very important for the child's spiritual well being that you not give in to the child's rebellion, that you conquer the child's will, that its imparative that you not allow the child to outlast you. I know they were written by you because I personally have read those articles over and over again. It likely would work with my children because none of them have attachment issues, especially not an extreme case like Reactive Attachment Dissorder.

    I was dishearted to see your response to Lydia's death in the article about your chickens laughing at the world, rather than an edited or added passage in the book that goes into specific detail about what to do if your child doesn't respond with cheerful obedience within a reasonable amount of time. I truly didn't expect mockery from you in light of a small homeschooled child's death.

    I wasn't there-and so I am left with the rest of the world to speculate about how the parents ended up spanking their child to death. But the fact that they took breaks every 10 min to pray and talk, and the fact that hitting in anger is generally an in the moment, emotionally charged lapse in judgement, which generally is intense for a short period of time until vented through an outcome like spanking.. These things lead me to believe that Lydia's parents were godly people, who were desperately trying to address issues of rebellion in their daughter, not twisted monsters who got the sick pleasure of beating one of their children for an entire day. The fact that none of their other children were ever treated in such a manner and seem to be well adjusted children as one would expect from using your methods. So, I don't think the idea that they were abusers who spanked her to death in a hot anger is taking all the facts into consideration.

    I truly pray that you would consider an addition to your book devoted to adopted children and their attachment and behavioral needs. RAD is real and devestating, and post adoption services are lacking, and pre adoption counseling is often not enough to prepare parents for working with these kids.

    While I fundamentally disagree with you on most areas of doctrine, I do honor you as fellow heirs of the kingdom of God, and I pray that God would bring his nature out through your teachings and writings.

  20. I did watch the interview with Anderson Cooper. I saw the unfortunate event while in my doctors office waiting room, (we don't do tv at home). I love the Pearls & their ministry and was very offended by the way Brother Pearl was treated. It was not an interview, but a character assasination. It was abusive. I could see the look of hatred on cooper's face. There was no intent for dialog, the purpose was to insult and deride conservative parenting, along with Brother Pearl.
    I know Peter says "Consider it all joy when your are persecuted, as you remember Christ was persecuted." The Bible also says "don't throw your pearls before swine." Paul also, when the gospel was rejected shook the dust off of his sandals and turned his back on the town that rejected it. I really believe you should stop granting interviews to hostile reporters/shows/etc. Find venues that are respectfull enough to allow you to speak. I have a hard time believing that angry homosexuals with all kinds of mental/emotional problems will be fair and tell the truth when they write a report on interviews with you.
    As always, praying for the Pearls & their ministry!
    Your friend in Christ

  21. Anyone that believes everything they hear in the news is a sheep. My family and I (and many others) continually pray for each of you. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Be strong and know we are all behind you, lifting you up daily. Love to all!!