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Feelin' Fine

August 2, 2012

As you can see, Mike is just where I want him to be—writing! It is usually difficult to rope him in unless we really, really need for him to sit down and write. He would rather be preaching at the CCA prison, on his tractor (which, much to his mortification, totally bit the dust two days before his surgery), working in the fields, throwing knives, swimming with the grands, or anything but working at the computer. But for the next several weeks, he will not be able to do much of anything, so we expect his next book, In Search of a Help Meet, will be written soon. I do feel sorry for him about his beloved tractor because he really loved working with it, but at least its demise came at a good time.

Thank you for praying for Mike through this. It was a grueling four-and-a-half hours of cutting away muscle from bone and then adding bone and a lot of hardware, and for an old guy of nearly 67 years, that is a piece of work. Now REALLY pray that he stays careful so he doesn’t undo all the fine work done on him. Doc says he should be as good as new—“new” being debatable.

25 comments on “Feelin' Fine”

  1. To the sweet Pearl family:

    My sister-in-law recently left to be a missionary in India with her husband and 6 children. Part of this great transition, was for them to depart with their worldly possessions and we have been the beneficiary to some of these items which have included a few of your books. I have three young children (6,3, & 1) with a bustling and blessed home, but somehow (from 11pm-3am??) have found the time to read two of your books (Help Meet and To Train a Child) in the last week or so. I couldn't put them down and you have transformed my perspective, spoke straight to my sin, and encouraged me as a wife and mother. I will forever be grateful. Oh! and I also love your daughters Herb store...I had no idea you were connected. I look forward to learning more from your family.

    Sincerely, Erica Porter

  2. Wonderful! Michael, isn't Debbie a wonderful lady:) So glad that you are home with your loved one's.

  3. We are so happy for you Mike. When I read the news that the surgery went well, my kids jumped for joy. They feel personally responsible for your healing:) They were praying hard for their favorite mountain man:) Much Love, The Keen Family

  4. Oh I have happy tears in my eyes. Praise You God for Your mercy towards all of us for strengthening Mike. I shall keep praying. Love love love you all <3

  5. My mom has had back issues and has had 3 surgerys. She is NOT afraid of hard work, in fact she enjoys it so much. But when she is recovering its hard for her to sit still, I have a feeling your the same way. Take care Michael. Praying for you. Oh and by the way. THANK YOU! Your videos have helped me so much. My husband can't go into the USA but if he could we both agree Cane Creek is the place we would love to visit!

  6. Praise the Lord! Thank you for the updates. We will continue to pray for you both! Thank you for all that you do for so many of us & set a wonderful example to follow! God bless you & your family.

  7. Praise the Lord for answered prayer! We are so happy to hear that Mike is doing well AND writing a new book! We will continue to pray for healing and a speedy recovery. God bless you both, Debi!

    The Crabtree Family

  8. Great news. Because of the muscles being cut, he will need therapy. I have a brother-in-law who unfortunately had to be cut from front as well as the back, and he did not do enough therapy for rebuilding those muscles. My brother-in-law does have a desk job. Sounds like Mike is on the right track and grateful for answered prayers for his surgery's success. Keep up the good work!

  9. We are praying for you to recover quickly and completely! Don't skimp on the dad didn't keep it up and he can barely walk now. Grit your teeth and get er done!

  10. If it's any comfort to him as he convalesces, please tell Michael I really appreciate his latest book, Created to Need a Helpmeet. Love the section on the 3 "images." He had me laughing out loud the other day, which isn't a common occurrence, but more importantly, I'm working to put his counsel into action. I know it's early days yet, but after 5 years of a difficult marriage, things seem to be steadily improving between my wife and me. Much of it has to do with your literature. Many thanks, and keep up the good work.

  11. We praise God for His amazing handiwork in our mothers womb where we are knitted together and again when He uses the amazing nurses and doctors He has gifted to knit us back together when we become unraveled.

  12. I have 18 & 19 yr. old sons. I would love a book written by you on this topic for them!! I'll be praying for you as you write.

  13. Thank you for keeping us informed. We continue to pray for Mike, Debi, their family and NGJ ministries. We are eternally grateful that you are allowing God to use you to reach so many around the world. We are thankful that we can come along side you and participate in spreading the gospel.

    A Family from Maryland

  14. Glad to hear Bro. Mike is doing well. God answers prayers and does a lot of healing through the miracle of modern medicine. The hard part will be for Mike to remember not to pick up heavy objects or strain himself. Don't put any mint in his tea for a while:).Love ya'll.


  15. So thankful everything went well. Your ministry is a continual blessing in our lives everyday.

  16. I pray daily for God to make you suffer in pain and agony as you have one to countless children that you tell their parents to torture. God hasn't answered my prayer because the surgery didn't kill you, which I prayed fervently for. And I will continue to pray twice dialy for God to smite you and your horrible wife for making the lives of children torture and pain. CHRIST followers do not preach hatred and torture. CHRIST followers do not follow the Old testament teachings, they follow the word of CHRIST. Please know, that there are countless numbers of people that I know and more that are joining our fight that pray twice daily for the Lord to remove the SADISTS that are you and your wife from this earth so that children will be safe to grow surrounded by love and not hatred and torture.

    1. Wow, true christ follower! Your group and you can actually tell our Lord God what to do! I was a victim of abuse (multiple) and I know the mind of an abuser. Michael and Debbie are not. I would advise you and your group to let your hate go. God has no place for it. My abusers will never stand in a court of law because I have chosen to let GOD do his work. Lucifer came to Eve with extreme hatred and was going to cause her death. Do you like standing with Lucifer?

  17. Great news 🙂 Praying for you both. We love and thank you for all you have done for us.

  18. So good to hear--we were praying--may the Lord bless you as you continue working for His glory! So glad to hear about your new book!

  19. I am so thankful for Bro. Mikes homecoming, and i will continue to pray for his speedy recovery. I know how it is to keep a good man down. It is not a easy task. I am however, thankful he will have this time for the new book. I can't wait to get it for my son, who is just a teenager now but will need this in the near future. Created to be a Help Meet was the best book i have ever read and applied to my life. God Bless you both.

  20. We are so glad to hear you are doing ok. We have been so blessed by your ministry. May god continue to bless you!!!! We will continue to pray for you. And we are excited for the October seminar:-)