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Back in the Saddle, Again

September 5, 2012

Mike is back in the saddle — not on his tractor yet, but soon. Here he is, with his back brace off, throwing knives. He says his throwing average is higher than ever and he is planning on going to the world contest this November and taking the prize.

On a side note: He has been writing his new book In Search of a Help Meet (due out October 25th) for single men and I think it is one of the best things he has ever written. I believe it will be a classic and will be just as good for married men as men in search for their darling. I told him on the back of the book I am writing that it is a seriously good lesson on how to romanticize your wife’s mind, soul and body. It is a tad risqué, well maybe just a little more than a tad, and I would never write such a thing but he says men think differently from women. I agree.

So expect a dazzlingly new book in the near future (and ladies, I’m telling you what I really, really think…make sure your husband reads this one ‘cause it will change him as much as Created did you).

9 comments on “Back in the Saddle, Again”

  1. We Rejoice with you that Mike is back in the saddle. : ) We sure look forward to In Search of a Help Meet. Keep on a throwin' Brother Mike, may God help your knives to fly.

    Prayerfully Yours in Jesus ~
    The Raby Family
    Bill, Susan,Natalie and Josh (World Team Archer)
    Psalms 27

  2. Glad to see your putting your best foot forward. Continued prayers for your good health Michael.

  3. We pray for you and the ministry. We are so thankful for the bible studies you have made available as well your publications. We are currently reading Created to Need a Help Meet, re-reading portions of Strong in Spirit (this time I am reading to my kids for fun). I want to read By Divine Design next. I can never seem to finish the Kingdoms book though.
    What a blessing! Thank you for your prayers for our family after our last two babies were born.
    May the LORD continue to bless you. We look forward to your next books.
    Pat and Elia Schout

  4. Will definitely have to read that one. I ordered "Created to Need a Helpmeet' for my husband and of course he hasn't looked at it yet but I keep peeking at it and then I tell him how funny it is and how much he will like Mike's humor for men. I laughed when I was glancing through it and saw what Mike wrote to the "nosy wives reading this right now." Done the same thing with the training book. I read all the books and tell my husband about them. He won't read anything on his own. Unless its the newspaper.

  5. I didnt even know he was mia. But it is always good news when someone is healing after a back injury. One question: How do I pre-order this new book?

  6. I believe that Joe in the above comments must be a prophet! So thrilled to see WORLD CHAMPION Michael Pearl on the back cover of Jan/Feb's NGJ magazine issue! We dusted off the Knife Throwing DVD, sawed our targets (seasoning now) and are ready to purchase some throwing knives. Please share a good resource as we couldn't locate pearloutdoors. Many thanks and CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Pearl!