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Please Help Us Help TJ

December 20, 2012

Everyone here at No Greater Joy Ministries and the Church of Cane Creek loves TJ Slayman and his family. It has been our pleasure to watch this young man grow in the Lord’s work. He has been a faithful servant in SE Asia for almost 16 years.

Now he has a need. He needs a vehicle. Actually he needs TWO vehicles. We can’t do it here by ourselves so we need partners. Will you please partner with us and help TJ get the funds needed to buy a vehicle? Good used vehicles are expensive over there so he needs at LEAST $20,000 for two cars. He needs a van type vehicle for the family and another smaller vehicle (preferably a small truck) for him.

We currently have $6,000 dedicated to this project already. Won’t you please help this family too?

To find our more on how to give your gift to TJ you may call Kathy at her home at 931-593-2974 or call her at NGJ at 931-593-3115 on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

If you would like to make your gift a tax exemption, then you may send the funds to:

No Greater Joy Ministries
1000 Pearl Road
Pleasantville, TN 37033

We also have a way for you to give your gift online.

Thank you for being a blessing to TJ and his family.


The following is a letter from TJ and the Slayman Family.

December 2012

“Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else” Isaiah 45:22

Greetings in Jesus’ name! The Slayman Family is now back on the field. We left our cozy Tennessee farm early Nov 7th and found ourselves in SE Asia about 36 hours later. All of our flights connected as scheduled, the kids were great, and all 21 pieces of luggage made it intact! Thank God for travelling mercies and for brethren who pray for us. We took our time travelling overland to our home country, becoming acclimated and getting over the fatigue and jet lag. We have been occupied with getting moved back into our small one-bedroom house, have had LOTS of visitors, and have been running new visas and passports. I also had to deal with a bout of food poisoning last week, which is quite rare for me. I have still been unable to get my office (and internet) set up again, but the week is still not over. The kids are settled in and doing school.

A Genuine Need from the Front Lines

We need a vehicle. Our faithful old Isuzu wagon has reached its end. It is suffering from a number of terminal illnesses and is now on life support. Being that it’s not a living soul, I’m resolved to pull the plug and put her out of our misery. We have been back for less than a month and she has been in the shop now 4 times. Indeed, she is in hospice even as I write. Seeing that it is our only transport, we are borrowing a pickup from Kham’s sister. Thank God for family!

We need a vehicle. Yes, I’m gonna miss the old Isuzu. My wife is convinced that my sentiment attached to car has prolonged undue suffering and inconvenience for the whole family. Yup, she has broken down and left us stranded a number of times as of late (and before we went back to the States) but the ole’ grey mare will always hold a dear place in our hearts. She has become such a strong Slayman family icon. I couldn’t begin to guess how many tons of Christian literature and Bibles she has smuggled for us. Time would not allow me to describe the times she hauled us over the mountains to the refugee camp. Indeed, we practically lived out of her for the three years we worked and lived in the camp. In her younger days she moved the Slaymans around in some of the most remote “ends of the Earth” areas. Ah! So many memories. If there was ever an inanimate member of our family, it was she. But alas! Her days of honorable service are coming to an end.  Yes, we will gladly welcome her successor, and when her replacement arrives, I may commission the old Isuzu to one final, crowning mission to close out her career: I think I may just find a heretical enemy of the Gospel and just give her to them for free. Let the old bucket of bolts hinder and slow THEM down for a change. However, somehow I feel the cults and liberals are too well funded to fall for this most noble scheme.

On a bit more serious note: we ARE in need of a new vehicle. Our car is consuming lots of time and money. Can anybody help? Between ourselves, and the families at the farm and print shop, we are already responsible for the education and well-being of at least 20 people. With our monthly support we aren’t able to save for a vehicle.

Answers to some Anticipated Questions:

Q. Can we ship you a vehicle from here in the States?
A. Yes and no. You CAN ship a vehicle from America, but the shipping cost is nearly $3000, PLUS 100% import tax on all vehicles brought into this country. These two factors make it unfeasible to ship from America in most cases.

Q. What would it take to fix or repair the vehicle you now have?
A. Complete replacement of everything except the radiator cap and emergency brake. The spare tire is actually in pretty good shape as well. The vehicle is dead. It just needs a proper burial.

Q. How much does a vehicle in this country cost?
A. Expensive. I hate this fact. You must remember the 100% import tax mentioned in the first question. A big fancy new Toyota Land Cruiser is $120,000. Out of the question. An extremely rugged utilitarian Land Cruiser is still $70,000. That would be nice, and necessary if we were really going to work in the rural areas, but isn’t a big need at this point in our ministry. A brand new, 16 passenger Toyota van imported from Japan is $37,000 and would be super practical for our growing family/gang, and represents good value. More realistic yet are the second hand minivans imported from Korea. About $12,000 would get us a van about 10 years old and still serviceable.  Another option is the 4 door pickups imported from Korea. These could transport my family with a reasonable amount of comfort and safety, and would be real handy to have on our farm and future building projects. These are about $17,000 new, $12,000 used. These prices will give you an idea of what is available and what we need.

Well, if you have read this far into this letter, I want to thank you for sticking with me. I hate vehicles, and have put off stating our need for one for a long time. Pray with us concerning these things. God has always taken care of us and met our needs. He hasn’t brought us this far to let us down now.

There are actually a few things I haven’t mentioned. The fact of the matter is, we don’t simply need a vehicle. In actuality, we need two. In spite of the fact that virtually every American family gets by fine with one vehicle (!?!?!) with everything going on with our farm, and the print shop, and the Hmong refugees, and kids activities, and serving people in general, Kham and I wind up waiting on each other all the time instead of working.

So there you have it. A stated need from the front lines. Actually, we are 25 miles beyond the front lines.

God bless,

T.J. for the Slaymans

P.S. If anyone would like to help, please contact my mother Kathy at her home at 931-593-2974 or call her at NGJ at 931-593-3115 on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, or by email, [email protected]


Watch a short video clip of TJ talking about the Good & Evil Project in South East Asia.

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  1. We love TJ and his family too! Praying their needs are met, above all we could think or ask.