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Missions Update: TJ

February 15, 2013

With great humbleness, my husband and I would like to say THANK YOU to all who gave to TJ and his family these last few weeks, months, and years. He has been so dedicated in his work for the Lord. He has been translating Scripture and various materials into an Asian language for almost 16 years. But even as TJ has been faithful in his commitment, God has been MORE faithful. TJ always knew that as long as he did his work, God would provide for his needs; and God has certainly used a great many of y’all to show that love and kindness.

He finally has a print shop, so that was a major milestone in his ministry. He can now purchase THREE vehicles and have some money to add much-needed shelter for his family on their little farm. They have a very small house and the children are sleeping in tents right now. (They still think it’s fun!) But monsoon season is coming and they would like to have some hard shelters built for them. They have one shelter almost finished and are waiting on funds for the second one. Two years ago they prayed for a farm and God provided AGAIN. They have lots of people visit them on the weekends, some to get out of the city and somewhere quiet, some for the Christian fellowship, but mostly for both. They have two other families living with them on the farm, so that deters any thievery, but it also puts a burden on TJ to provide for them. He is responsible for at least 20 people at any given time.

So with tears of joy at the outpouring of support for TJ and his family, please remember him on a daily basis in prayer. Pray for their health. Pray for strength because they come under Satan’s attack so often. Pray for wisdom as he continues to translate the rest of the Bible and other materials into the local language. Pray that TJ and Kham can keep ministering to all the families and young men by their example of righteousness, joy, peace, and love that can only come from a true relationship with Christ. With great humility, we thank you again!