Update (6/18/2013) — Thanks everyone for your submissions! Debi has chosen an illustrator for her book!

My new book on Homeschooling is near completion, but I need illustrations. Do you want to give it a try?  Create your own illustrations but this simple style is what I like:

Example of cartoon art wanted for Debi Pearl's new book.

Here are four of the story lines that need illustrations:

  1. Child videoing siblings acting out a Bible scene.
  2. Children playing hopscotch.
  3. Parent dressed as a historic figure and children guessing who it is (Moses, Washington, Churchill, etc.).
  4. Children singing while at work (gardening, stacking firewood, sweeping, etc.).

Send your submissions to [email protected] and NGJ will pay $50 for each illustration that I use in the book, and you will be named as the illustrator.