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Artist Needed!

May 14, 2013

Update (6/18/2013) — Thanks everyone for your submissions! Debi has chosen an illustrator for her book!

My new book on Homeschooling is near completion, but I need illustrations. Do you want to give it a try?  Create your own illustrations but this simple style is what I like:

Example of cartoon art wanted for Debi Pearl's new book.

Here are four of the story lines that need illustrations:

  1. Child videoing siblings acting out a Bible scene.
  2. Children playing hopscotch.
  3. Parent dressed as a historic figure and children guessing who it is (Moses, Washington, Churchill, etc.).
  4. Children singing while at work (gardening, stacking firewood, sweeping, etc.).

Send your submissions to [email protected] and NGJ will pay $50 for each illustration that I use in the book, and you will be named as the illustrator.

13 comments on “Artist Needed!”

    1. Illustrations should be black-and-white only. Debi is looking for vintage-style illustrations, similar to those shown above but of course you can use your own style! Thanks.

  1. Any words or just pictures? More than one page for each story line? Or like a comic strip seen in a news paper?

  2. May we snail mail the pictures, and what is the due date?
    thanks for the opportunity:-)

  3. When are these due, and how would you like us to send them to you? Mail or email?
    Thank you for this opportunity!

    God Bless you and your precious family!
    Stefani Kanz

  4. What format do you want them to be in the e-mail? Will you want the originals of the illustrations you choose?

  5. Is there a deadline? I am excited to try. God bless you as you look for the best for your book. 🙂
    Elise meggs

  6. I sent in my drawings a few days ago and I sent them in by mail. hope that is OK.

  7. I'm working on an illustration, I just haven't been able to spend as much time sketching as I wanted to, but it should be done soon 🙂 This summer is flying by already!