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Not Young Again but Feeling like It

June 6, 2013

Many of you have written asking about my heart health. Late last fall my heart started to hurt on a daily basis. I knew something had to change, so in January Debi and I started a 40-day juice fast followed by a largely raw, all-organic, nothing-processed diet. My heart pain grew much worse. Diet was obviously NOT working.

Then I found a new study done in Israel concerning how Nitro Oxide works with an amino acid called L-Arginine. Some people cannot process enough L-Arginine, causing the heart to spasm. L-Arginine is in foods such as dairy, meat, and eggs—all the things we had totally cut from our diet. I started taking an L-Arginine supplement and I have not had heart pain since. I have worked hard labor (6AM to 6PM, 6 days a week) ever since. Thank God and smart Jewish scientists.

— Michael Pearl

9 comments on “Not Young Again but Feeling like It”

  1. Mike, once again, your experience proves to us that God has provided what we need for our health. My motto has always been: Balance and moderation on everything we eat and do, and we can not go wrong while in this body.

    I have been praying for you for a very looooooong time. We have been blessed SO MUCH through your messages and family that you have NO IDEA how much. Lately your messages have SAVED us literally from getting ourselves in very ugly spiritual messes. Praise the Lord for you and sustain you and keep you strong and vibrant so that you can continue sharing your wisdom and Bible knowledge with us. Priase the Lord for you and for your family. Stay well, enjoy some of those delicious eggs, meat and dairy that God has provided for our sustenance…. With balance and moderation, right?

  2. That’s good news to hear. My wife and I started eating all Kosher about 3 years ago and from there developed a diet around the primal blueprint idea. I’m a personal trainer and a lot of times I get asked if we are vegetarians because of how healthy we are. It always stuns them when we say as a joke: “If it has a face, eat it”. I went to school for Anthropology and through the study of cultures and current science they have found diets in high fat and protein and controlled carbohydrates (starches, complex, and simple) related to better overall health not to mention better looking physique ;).

    The juice fast is essentially a high sugar diet, that makes a person vitamin and mineral deficient since you cannot absorb enough nutrients from vegetables especially without fats. There are also nutrients you simply cannot get from any other source than an animal.

    I hope your health continues to grow, take care.

  3. Wonderful !! I’m always fending FOR eating meat, dairy and eggs ! Why would God describe His country in it’s ideal state as a land ‘flowing with milk and honey’, and how on earth would Passover have been celebrated in the OT if meat was bad for us ? No wonder some pagan people cannot accept Christ as the slain Lamb, for some abstain from meat !! God spent two long chapters in the OT telling His people which meat is clean and which not – He would not have done so if meat was bad for humans to eat !!
    Therefore, it HAS to be good for us. And, after the flood, God told Noah explicitly that animals will be food for man from then on. Obviously till He returns, for then not even the animals will kill each other for food anymore.
    One’s body consumes lots of protein if you’re in spiritual battle. Only red meat replaces those proteins.
    Have you ever seen the website ? Wonderful insight into health matters from a completeley Christian perspective. 🙂
    God Bless, and thank you, thank you, thank you for your obedient service in the Kingdom. Your work has save our family – or maybe, saved our children from ignorant and possibly destructive parents !

  4. I am glad to hear other people who still go by common sense. In this world of confusion, with so many different views and opinions on EVERYTHING, I always go back to God’s Word for my guidance. I imagine that eggs, dairy and meat, eaten the way God intended and created them can give us wonderful help with our health. The problem comes when the hens are fed junk and kept in those cages without being able to have a normal life. When the cows are not grass-fed and free to roam, etc. is that is damaging to those of us who consume them. Everything is getting so up-side-down that nothing makes sense anymore, Praise the Lord for His Word, guidance and love which is never ending.

    Anyways, Mike, from time to time eat your delicious steaks that you love, from grass-fed beef and enjoy what God has created because we need you alive, strong and healthy to bring common sense and light to this dying world.

  5. Alida, although well intentioned beware of “female” pastors (video that you linked to … I doubt God will bless that ministry. I too am happy that Mr. Pearl has regained some of his swaggor as I’m sure God has more work for him : ) – God Bless.

  6. whoops… forgot to check the boxes regarding my comment to Alida. Thanks.

  7. Chelation therapy helps many people with heart trouble. Some chelation methods are dangerous. Never do it with amalgum fillings in your mouth. They can even be hidden under white or gold crowns. The Andy Cultler Method is the safest I’ve heard about. God bless you. I hope you continue to feel better every day!

  8. hey there — great info. In doing some research I see there are lots of sources for L-Arginine supplements. Would you mind emailing me which brand you use? i checked Beeyoutiful and Bulk Herb Store — oh, maybe More than alive has it.