Many of you have written asking about my heart health. Late last fall my heart started to hurt on a daily basis. I knew something had to change, so in January Debi and I started a 40-day juice fast followed by a largely raw, all-organic, nothing-processed diet. My heart pain grew much worse. Diet was obviously NOT working.

Then I found a new study done in Israel concerning how Nitro Oxide works with an amino acid called L-Arginine. Some people cannot process enough L-Arginine, causing the heart to spasm. L-Arginine is in foods such as dairy, meat, and eggs—all the things we had totally cut from our diet. I started taking an L-Arginine supplement and I have not had heart pain since. I have worked hard labor (6AM to 6PM, 6 days a week) ever since. Thank God and smart Jewish scientists.

— Michael Pearl