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Around the World with the Gospel in 14 Years

August 9, 2013

When we published the Good and Evil illustrated Bible storybook we immediately contacted a missionary with a specialty in publishing. We asked him to find translators for languages that had little to no gospel literature. He began in the Far East and moved around the world. Today, Good and Evil is being read all over the world in over 40 different languages. It has been 14 years since our daughter Beka first had the vision of reaching the people on a mountain in Papua New Guinea. Starting southeast of the Philippines, we have come full circle, all the way around the world. Now, it is time for the folks of Papua New Guinea to read Good and Evil in the Pidgin language, and to see pictures of the stories of creation, Noah, David, Jesus’ sacrifice for man, and as our returning Lord.

Pray with us that God will help us to see this project through quickly. Anyone desiring to be a part of the Lord’s work in financing the Pidgin printing, contact Mel at [email protected], call
931-593-2484 or donate online at