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What Would I Do Without Bobbie Sue?

October 15, 2013

Most girls diddle away what could be the most productive time of their lives, waiting for life to happen; but not all girls waste their lives.

Elizabeth came to work for NGJ as my handmaiden when she was 16. She was with me 10 years until swept away by her Prince Charming this past summer. Lizzy was my most valuable helper, and I trembled at the thought of losing her. It was as if half my brain was being cut out. But God in his mercy sent me the invaluable Bobbie Sue to serve as my handmaid. She is NGJ’s chief cook and bottlewasher, phone order taker, Shindig coordinator, seminar planner, keeps up with my Facebook, emails, writes letters, processes the mail, buys whatever we need including the groceries, even feeds the cats…what would I do without Bobbie Sue? Not much.

How are you spending your youth? Many ministries, missionaries, or even overwhelmed mothers need a hardworking handmaiden. Seize the moment.

6 comments on “What Would I Do Without Bobbie Sue?”

  1. These comments where posted last year is someone able to answer them? I am very interested in what the answers would be!

  2. In response to Amy, I think that the term "handmaiden" is a KJV "biblical" word for "Girl Friday" or "office manager" or "general flunkie" is what my BIL calls someone does just about anything (not meant to be derogatory---just that you do anything from washing floors to making copies--but probably don't do the payroll.)

    I would assume that it woudl be a paid position. I can't imagine anyone coming and doing all that for a long period of time for free--unless they have some sort of sponsorship somewhere.

    Someone has to be providing the worker with clothing, personal hygiene items and food, even if board is included somewhere.

  3. My very special friend told me about your Shindig get togethers . We would love to come in 2015. But we need to know when and where it is. Is this information available yet?