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iMissionaries Testimonial: Bobbie Sue

December 13, 2013

“I am so excited about iMissionaries! I worked in an orphanage years ago with Russian children and still have a heart to reach the Russian people. Now that I work full time, it is not as easy to travel and do even short term mission trips anymore, which is why iMissionaries is such a wonderful opportunity. I can now reach people groups for whom I have a heart—right from my computer at home! I am making a difference in the world for Christ, reaching people with the gospel, and still able to work full time.”

—Bobbie Sue

For more info on iMissionaries, see The Eternal Battle Plan: Getting Started with iMissionaries.

2 comments on “iMissionaries Testimonial: Bobbie Sue”

  1. I'm looking for this resource or blog under Bobbi Sue's list of blogs and resources. I'm not sure which one it is but its on p. 275 of my favorite homeschooling book, The BIG book of home schooling by Debi Pearl. It doesn't seem to be leading me to the right place.