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Update: Are You A Good Person?

December 21, 2013

[notice]Update — You can also get this tract as an animated video free on YouTube. Watch it now[/notice]

Some of us at NGJ have been distributing this tract for several years, and its simple and to-the-point presentation got Mike’s attention. He wanted to introduce it to our subscribers and make it available on the NGJ web store.

We encourage you to include it as one of your tools for witnessing and spreading the Gospel. People rarely refuse it, and it can easily be read while waiting in line at restaurants, banks, etc. It is also a great addition to (generous) tips at restaurants and hotels.

There are countless ways it can be used. Get started and use your imagination!

Share the good news of Jesus Christ.
Order this gospel tract today!

$10 for a 100-pack
Item #1325-99

This was originally published April 15, 2013 as part of our May-June 2013 magazine.

4 comments on “Update: Are You A Good Person?”

  1. We've been using that same one for years also! It's always been great to see people actually read it after you hand it to them. It gets their attention and who doesn't like comic strips?! Thanks for making it available here.

  2. We couldn't buy this in NZ, but found it was very easy to seek permission from the publisher to print it ourselves.