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Kids’ Contest: Bible Quiz

February 14, 2014

[notice]Update (2/25/2014) — This contest is now over. We have our 5 winners, and they will each be receiving a free copy of The BIG Book of Homeschooling! Thanks to all who participated.[/notice]

Guess Who or What!

  1. Once there was a beauty contest to find the most beautiful young lady in the land to be the new Queen.
    Who won the contest?
  2. There was a lady who went to church and was crying so hard that some people thought she must be drunk with liquor.
    Who was this lady and why was she so upset?
  3. The last thing this lady did before she was killed was to put makeup on her eyelids.
    Who was the lady? Was the location of her makeup spot a contributing factor to her death?
  4. This brave woman led the army of Israel into battle.
    What was her name?
  5. This woman laughed at God!
    Who was she?
    Why did she laugh?
  6. An army was coming to destroy a lady’s community of family and friends. She didn’t panic. Instead she gathered an enormous amount of food and took it to the advancing army. The general in charge was so impressed with her quick, aggressive plan that he married her.
    Who was this remarkable lady?
  7. This woman, who had lived a godless life, believed God and assisted his people with a rope.
    Who was this woman?

If you are under 15 years of age, email your answers to [email protected]. The first five people will win a free copy of The BIG Book of Homeschooling!

11 comments on “Kids’ Contest: Bible Quiz”

  1. I just got the magazine today and I was looking at the kids contest page, but when I went on your website I saw that the contest was over. I thought that was strange because I had just gotten the magazine and didn't even get to send in my answers. Anyway, thank you for the magazine, I love hearing about your stories and you really help my family and I move further towards God every day.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      The print magazine gets to people across the nation at different times. Next magazine (May-June 2014) we will be changing the way we do the contest so those further away have an even chance.

  2. We just received our newsletter/magazine on Tuesday, and tried to respond to the contest yesterday. How are you getting your magazine so quickly. Next time make it further out into the future for those of us who don't receive it so quickly.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Many of the earlier contest submissions came in from the digital version of the magazine which is released online around the 15th of the month before. The print edition hits homes usually within a couple of weeks later. Since February is a short month, we tried to get the print edition out earlier this time! We're going to change the way we do the next contest so more of you will have a chance. 🙂

      Just curious, where are you located?

  3. We were wondering how the winners were notified and if they already had been. Thank you so much for thinking of fun ways the kids can get involved!!

  4. Hi...We've been anxiously awaiting the results of the "Kid's Contest: Bible Quiz". We have received the magazine and can not find the winners. Do you know how we can see who won the contest?

    Thank you!

  5. Hello....We have received our May - June printed edition of the magazine. We cannot find the winners of the "Kids Contest: Bible Quiz" questions. Where are they located? Is there somewhere else they might be at? Or could you respond with the winners here?