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Shindig 2014

February 14, 2014

2014 North Carolina
Smoky Mountains Shindig
September 10-14, 2014

Ridgecrest Registration

You must make your reservation with the Ridgecrest Conference Center before registering with NGJ!

Call Ridgecrest toll-free at 1-800-588-7222 for lodging and meal plan pricing, and to make your reservations.

Make your reservation with Ridgecrest now, then register with NGJ at

Due to popular demand we have extended this year’s Shindig by adding an extra day!

Please note: If you’re renting a cabin at Ridgecrest, you’ll need to provide your own linens & towels.

No Greater Joy Registration Fee

Through Feb. 28, 2014: $99/Family* $35/Individual**
Mar. 1–Aug. 31, 2014: $119/Family* $45/Individual**
Sept. 1–10, 2014
(at the door): $149/Family* $59/Individual**

* Family pricing includes parents, and children 20 years old and younger as of Sept. 10, 2014. Children over 21 years old as of Sept. 10, 2014 must register separately as Individuals.

** Individuals (includes children attending with their families) 21 years old and older as of Sept. 10, 2014.


We are looking for ensembles and choirs to minister in music during the General Sessions. We would like a variety of musical and regional styles. Please upload your submission to YouTube and send the link and your contact information to [email protected] and put “Music” in the subject line.

Full details at: