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Bible Quiz (May-June 2014)

April 15, 2014

[notice]The deadline for sending in Bible Quiz answers is May 18, 2014.[/notice]

Can a young boy be used of God to do a mighty thing?

  1. A young boy was awakened by a voice calling him. At first he thought it was a man, but then he understood that it was God who had a message for him to give to an important man. Who was this boy? Find the story in Scripture and write down a short summary of his story.
  2. A young boy was at a large outdoor gathering of people. His mother had prepared a nice lunch for him, but no one else seemed to have any food. This young boy shared his meal, and because of his generosity God granted an unusual miracle. Find the story in Scripture and write it in your own words.
  3. This is a story of danger and great courage. A young boy was given the responsibility to go to a great commander and tell him about a plot to kill one of God’s men. The boy saved a life by his actions. Find this story in the Bible and retell it for us. (Hint: Paul was the man whose life was saved.)

Send us your Answers

Send your answers for this Bible Quiz by May 18th, 2014 to [email protected] or mail to 1000 Pearl Rd, Pleasantville TN 37033.


On May 19th, 2014 we will choose a winner from among the correct answers to receive The BIG Book of Homeschooling, Samuel Learns to Yell & Tell and Sara Sue Learns to Yell & Tell books.

Little you can do big things!

Be sure to read this issue’s Homeschooling News. You will learn how ten-year-old Jacob is telling the gospel to hundreds of Muslims who have never heard about Jesus. He is making an eternal difference. In heaven there will be those standing around the throne of God because one little boy did an amazing, mighty thing.


2 comments on “Bible Quiz (May-June 2014)”

  1. My little girl is asking me every day if we know who is the winner for the Bible quiz...:) Is there a way we could find out ? Thank you , God Bless you!