I had the chance to interview a young boy in the community who is a missionary to the United Arab Emirates! Yes, you read that right; he lives right here in Cane Creek but he is spreading the good news to people in the UAE!

Jacob Bailey is ten years old and he is making a difference for the kingdom of Christ every day! How, you ask? He set up an iMissionaries account at imissionaries.org, and he is using it to spread the gospel 24 hours a day.

Me: Why did you set up an iMissionaries account?
Jacob: So that I could preach to people on the internet.

Me: Why did you choose the UAE?
Jacob: Because I saw that 54% of the population in the UAE has internet access. That is a lot of people that I could reach.

Me: How much is it costing you?
Jacob: That depends on what time of day that my ad on Facebook gets clicked, but it won’t ever charge me more than 15 cents a click. And I put a cap on it so that I can spend up to $100 but no more.

Me: How long have you set your ad up to run?
Jacob: It is going to run for a month and will hopefully reach lots of people.

Me: What kind of results are you hoping for?
Jacob: That people will get saved!

What are you waiting for? If a ten-year-old boy can make a difference in the kingdom of God, so can you! Sign up today at imissionaries.org and start using the Good & Evil book to spread the gospel via the internet!