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Justin and Shalom's Traveling Adventures

June 13, 2014

Thank you No Greater Joy supporters!

We are on our way and what an adventure it is going to be! First we went through Virginia on our way to the CHAP Homeschool Convention in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Virginia was so beautiful, but so hard on our brakes! We had to stop at the top of the mountain to take a photo of the beauty. Check out Justin on top of the trailer! The children just think they have the coolest Dad ever! The CHAP Convention was wonderful; the best part was the people that we met. So many stopped at the booth to tell us to let Mike and Debi Pearl know that they would not be married today if it was not for them, that they would not have had children, that they would NOT BE SAVED! Some would ask if I was their daughter, and when I told them I was they would begin to cry! What a BLESSING!

We then headed out through Pennsylvania and across Ohio. The hills made it slow going. We pulled off at the top of one mountain and Justin had to use all those Snap-on tools he brought along to work on our overheated, burning brakes! Good thing he knows what he is doing; if it was just me, I would still be there! The kids loved the break. We played in the grass and I was soon covered in grass and dirt! One round-bellied, pregnant mom is no match for three children who are tired of sitting in a car! We stopped in at Lake Erie for a couple of days waiting for our next meeting. The kids had fun on the water even though it was SOOOO cold! They spent three hours building a dam in a small creek flowing into the lake so that they could make a pond to swim in; all I can say is that they are very hard workers!

It was time for us to move on, so we headed to our next meeting in Michigan. The INCH Homeschool Convention was held in downtown Lansing. A very sweet family offered to get us a room where it was being held, so we got to take a break from living in a trailer for a few days and let the kids swim in the pool. The meeting went wonderfully again. This time we got to meet new people and introduce them to No Greater Joy Ministries for the first time. My workshop was completely full and was well-received. After the meeting, a couple who had never heard of NGJ came up to give me a hug and tell me that they just wanted to hug my parents for raising me the way they did, so that I could in turn help them. They were so sweet, and again I was blessed! We were invited to go spend the next couple of days with a wonderful family and eat a good home-cooked dinner. IT WAS WONDERFUL! The children loved being at a house where they could just run and play without worry about being hit by a car! We then hit the road again to stay at a state park for a few days before we headed to Wisconsin for the last meeting of our traveling adventures.

The Wisconsin CHEA spring conference was a great success as well, with more hugs and more thank you’s and blessings. We were blessed to have a friend to help with the kids for this conference. It was a long conference, starting on Thursday and going through Saturday.

I just want to thank everyone out there that supports No Greater Joy and let you know that you are a blessing to each of us here at No Greater Joy. Without your support and prayer we would not be able to continue this ministry. So, thank you!

One comment on “Justin and Shalom's Traveling Adventures”

  1. Shalome, what a blessing to meet up with the body of Christ in such a way as this. To be able to minister to them and also be ministered to yourselves.
    California I know is such a long way off 🙂 but we would Love to have justin and you come out for a visit.
    We too would possibly not be married had it not been for your parents ministry. We are happier than ever before and better parents also. Keep up the wonderful work and take care of that beautiful family 🙂