NGJ sells about 100,000 print books per year in several languages through our Tennessee office and warehouse. We ship globally several times per week. Over the past few months our worldwide sales have increased dramatically compared to our domestic sales. We recently shipped large orders to Russia, Peru, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Our almost 800 NGJ authorized distributors are active in 15 countries.

We have established relationships with Master Distributors in several countries that purchase our books for distribution through their own website and other bookstores within their country.

We also have established rights and licensing agreements throughout the world for publishers to take our books and translate them into the language that they publish in. To Train Up a Child is licensed for the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and an English version for Nigeria. Combined these companies are selling about eight fold more books than NGJ sells.

NGJ has produced Good & Evil in over 40 languages. It also has been licensed in its entirety as well as the New Testament only. For the continent of Africa Good & Evil is available in English, plus Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosn, Tswana, and Sotho. Add Indonesian, Korean, Chinese, and Malayalam. Combined this is another 75,000 books produced and sold throughout the world in addition to the books NGJ sells.

Additionally we have licensing agreements on Created to be His Help Meet (9 languages), In Search of a Help Meet (5 languages), Preparing to Be a Help Meet (5 languages), along with Holy Sex: Song of Solomon, and Jumping Ship each with 3 languages. In the U.S. we sell approximately 10,000 Created books per year. Early in 2010 we entered into a licensing agreement for Created to be published in Chinese. Since that date over 115,000 books have been sold which is almost 6 times the amount we have sold during that same period.

We recently signed an agreement for No Greater Joy in all three volumes for Simplified Chinese. The only continent in the world in which NGJ does not have an active presence is Antarctica.

As we move forward with licensing agreements we expect that our combined sales through licensed books will continue to outpace our domestic sales by a wide margin. This is our area of growth for 2014 and beyond.

Mel Cohen, CFP
General Manager