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Help us help Rick!

July 21, 2014

This is the story of one laborer, our friend Rick Batson.

Rick Batson and FamilyWe received an urgent message from Rick last week that he desperately needs our help. He requires a newer vehicle that will allow him to get around and preach to the more than 2 Million students he’s reached in the last 5 years. Currently, he has an old 1992 diesel 4WD van that is in need of repair. Rick desperately needs a newer, better vehicle to keep up his ministry to the public schools of the Philippines. Please watch this video and be praying about how you can help our brother in need. We'd encourage you to participate even if it’s on the smallest scale. Richard is just one of the many missionaries in need around the world, and without people like you, the gospel cannot be spread to the thousands who have not yet heard.

All gifts will go to Rick Batson and his family. His wife is Filipino and they have three small children. All funds received will go directly to Rick so that he can get a newer vehicle and continue ministering. God is using an ordinary guy just like you or me to make an eternal difference. People that would have never heard the Gospel are now getting the opportunity to hear the message. Rick actively distributes the Good and Evil book, and has given out thousands of copies.

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