We were so excited to see the truck pull up to deliver the first printing of the Great White Throne gospel tracts! We are now shipping them out– have you received yours yet? These tracts are a powerful way to share the gospel; who turns away a comic book?

The Great White Throne tracts are sold in lots of 50 for $14.95. You can buy the Great White Throne tracts at this link.

There are lots of ways to share and hand out tracts. Some of them include:

  • Leave one (with a tip) for your waiter at a restaurant, or maid in a hotel
  • Leave one in your locker at the gym
  • Include a link to a tract inĀ  your email signature. (While we don’t have the digital files for the Great White Throne tract available yet, the “Are You a Good Person?” tract is a wonderful way to share the gospel, and the digital file is available at this link: http://www.cedricstudio.com/livingwaters/tract/final/p1.html )

    The animated version above is captivating way to include the gospel in an email signature or attachment as well! The digital files and Youtube version can be found at this link: http://www.freecartoontract.com/animation/
  • Put a tract in the pocket of used clothing before you donate it or pass it along
  • Place a tract in a doctor’s office, taxi, dressing room or bus

What are some effective ways you have used to pass out tracts?