A few weeks ago we traveled down to Georgia to the Kingdom Dominion Church for a Valentine couples conference. Many couples attend, some married for a long time. The crowd obviously had a very good time hearing the messages. There was laughter, clapping, shouting and a general good-hearted reception. On the way home I told Mike, “You know I am not tired at all. The whole trip was so refreshing. They were some of the finest folks I have ever met. And you haven’t had so much energy in a long time. You preached with the fortitude of a thirty-year-old instead of man of seventy. It was almost like we had a hug from heaven.” We laughed and talked about how much fun it had been. Even old folks like fun.

A few days after we got home I was in the office when my young assistant, Megan, asked about the trip and so I told her this story. When I said we felt it was a hug from heaven she pointed to a large bag sitting in my mail box. The return address was hand-written in large letters, “A Hug From Heaven.”

As I held the bag in my hands I felt one of those moments where you have a certain sense of God. To the best of my memory I have never used the term or even had the notion of a hug from heaven, yet here it was, said and written.

I excitedly told Mike about it later knowing God had brought it to my attention for some reason. We agreed that it sounded like a heavenly mandate to write a book, Hugs From Heaven. This is where you come in! Many of you have had some tender moments in your life where you just know that God stepped in. Some of you have had some really scary times when it was clear that God pulled you through. Most of us have had occasions when we needed HIM and there He was, maybe in a verse, a flower and word said from a stranger or whatever. We NEED to hear you tell YOUR HUG from Heaven.

Email the story of your hug from heaven to: [email protected]