What God hath joined together, let no man—or Supreme Court—put asunder. God will never join together two people of the same sex. They can call it marriage, but there is no holy matrimony for same-sex partners. Mechanical engineers, pipe fitters, and plumbers speak of the “marriage” of two units into one functioning piece. By nature a male fitting screws into a female fitting and the marriage is then a leak-proof conduit. A plumber could never couple two male or two female fittings. Two carnal bodies may merge in a perverted act, but two of a kind cannot marry.

Holy matrimony is a picture of Christ and his church. Two men joined in an indecent act, contrary to nature, could no more represent Christ and the church than could Satan and the antichrist cohabitating on a usurped throne. God is highly offended at the Supreme Court of the US and any who would yield to its unholy dictates. The legalizing of abortion did not make it cease to be murder, and the legalizing of same-sex “marriage” does not make it any less sinful.

Going on record,
Michael Pearl