Several years ago a van came down our long drive and out poured a large family, on their way home from a conference. The lady started excitedly telling me that when the Bible says Israel it means the church, because God has clearly rejected Israel. I tried to tell her that the entire Bible is the history of Israel, prophecies for Israel, and blessings and cursings on Israel. It predicts that Israel will be cast off for a period of time, that it will be scattered among the nations and exist in unbelief; but in the latter days they will return to the land and “all Israel shall be saved.”

The lady got irate with me, telling me what losers the Jews were. I told her, “Hey, God keeps his promises. And one of his promises is to bless those that bless Israel and to curse those that curse Israel. Calling the church Israel while cursing the descendants of Jacob is not going to exempt one from the curse.”

So I pray, “God bless Israel, and may they come to love you.” Over the years and to this very day, the Pearl family has been abundantly blessed beyond measure. But that family . . . well, I will just say, “They should have changed their theology instead of God’s WORD.”