2015 was a blessed year at No Greater Joy Ministries. The US subscription to our magazine continues to increase, presently reaching about 42,000 homes, not counting online readership. Canada and Mexico account for an additional 1,200-plus homes.

This year we signed several new rights agreements that will account for over 20,000 additional units of our material:

  • Portuguese Good and Evil DVD
  • The BIG Book of Homeschooling in Swahili
  • Created to Be His Help Meet in Mandarin
  • Samuel Learns to Yell and Tell and Sara Sue Learns to Yell and Tell in Chinese

Tens of thousands of Good and Evil in both English and Spanish have been placed in the hands of prisoners throughout the country The Arabic and Indonesian Good and Evil downloads views are on fire. Since gospel of Jesus Christ in a format that is captivating and clear—all while we sleep or go about our business.

It is an amazing time in which we live; it has never been so easy to reach so many.

  • Our Biblical marriage post on Facebook was viewed by 15,552,512+ people
  • The Gospel Box is being tested around the world
  • The Good and Evil Animation video has been completed in Lao and Hmong languages
  • In just the last 28 days there were 175,170 minutes of NGJ videos and Bible teaching viewed online in places like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Philippines, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Singapore. Mike teaches the Bible for one hour, and every month it is viewed by hungry souls for over 2,900 hours all over the world.

The gifts to NGJ are about equal to our sales. Sales cover the expenses of operation. It is your gifts that enable us to minister to the entire world in dynamic ways. As you have shared in the burden, you will share in the reward when we stand before our Savior. Thank you for being a coworker and enabling us to live our dream of getting the gospel to the whole world.

— Michael Pearl, President/CEO