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Have You Ever Wished You Could Teach the Bible to Someone Who Needs Christ?

April 15, 2016

Have you wanted to present the Gospel, but been frustrated in your attempts to find opportunities?

This course takes readers on a chronological journey through the book of Genesis, presenting not only the Gospel, but every major doctrine in Scripture. The lessons point to Jesus, drawing on the types and parallels that God Himself built into Genesis.

Your Bible First! Ministry

The same Bible First! lessons that we’ve been using in Ukraine are now available to you in English from No Greater Joy.

Debi says, “These books are truly riveting. It is homeschool Bible curriculum at its finest!”

Developed by Missionaries

In early 2004, our missionary team had a problem. Serving in Ukraine, our goal seemed straightforward: communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Ukrainians. But the practical implementation was frustrating.

The difficulty was that many Ukrainians resisted traditional approaches to evangelism. Western Ukraine is particularly religious, with the majority of the population belonging to the Orthodox or Catholic churches. The first thing everyone wanted to know was which church we represented. Once they discovered it wasn’t their denomination, people closed up and would have nothing further to do with us.

Most of these Ukrainians weren’t rejecting Christ. They were rejecting us. Bible First! was born out of our attempts to solve this church-barrier problem. We believe that the Bible is the most powerful evangelistic tool in our arsenal. Today, we maintain an active enrollment of over 500 students from every Ukrainian oblast.

Now Available from No Greater Joy!

1421-10     Bible First!- Vol 1: Lessons 1-3            $7.95

1422-10     Bible First!- Vol 2: Lessons 4-6            $7.95

1423-10     Bible First!- Vol 3: Lessons 7-10          $7.95

1424-10     Bible First!- Vol 4: Lessons 11-13        $7.95

1425-10     Bible First!- Vol 5: Lessons 14-17        $7.95

1426-10     Bible First!- Vol 6: Lessons 18-20        $7.95

Buy All Six and Save!

1427-05     Bible First! Complete Set (6 Vols.)      $34.99

We’ve put together a series of training videos and other materials at to guide you in building your ministry!

2 comments on “Have You Ever Wished You Could Teach the Bible to Someone Who Needs Christ?”

  1. Hubby and I have 8 people that I am discipling. We call is Faithful Friends Fellowship. I have been downloading free lessons King James from HEART ministries in Ohio. I see that I can download the Q&A but have to buy the Volumes? Do you have a free download for people that can not afford all that. I am paying for everything myself now as it is. Paper and ink, food, time, I do not want to ask them for anything. 2 people are not even saved yet. They are faithful to do their lessons and go to church every week.