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Y'all Should Have Been in Texas!

May 18, 2016

If you weren't in Texas this past weekend, you missed OUT! Mike and Debi just got back from the East Texas Mini Shindig! No, we aren't hosting any more shindigs, but other families from around the country are organizing events similar to our shindigs, and Mike and Debi were asked to attend and speak!

Here's a few of our favorite memories from the weekend!

Have you ever seen a picnic lunch auction? Here's how it works:

The young lady prepares a picnic lunch, and writes a few things about herself and the menu on a card. The young men look over the card and basket before the auction. Then the fun begins! After the winning bid, the young man takes the young lady that prepared the lunch on a picnic! This video shows the bidding for the basket that went for the highest bid of the day-- $350!!!

A bird's-eye view of the knife and tomahawk throwing demonstration!

Drone videography by James J. Grubb in Texas | cell 903-328-8515