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Debi's Favorite Song

July 6, 2016

From Debi: One of my very favorite songs was written by my own daughter, and it’s called Justice Met Grace. Many trios, bands and groups have performed this song, and some of them have recorded it as well. When I was reading through Micah and stumbled across this verse, it brought the memory of this beautiful song. If you haven’t gotten this beautiful CD, you need to!

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"One day, ‘neath a rugged Cross, Justice seemed quite at a loss,
The wage of sin is death, he said, Behold the Death!
Grace was there, she bowed her head, Saw the empty tomb and said,
The Gift of God is eternal life. Behold the Life!
So Grace and Justice met that day, Kneeling there beneath the stains,
Oh, thou blessed, hallowed place, Justice met Grace."

“Justice Met Grace” by Rebekah (Pearl) Anast © 1999

One comment on “Debi's Favorite Song”

  1. Hi, my name is Brooklyn, and I just wanted to say You weren't kidding when you said this song was beautiful. I can understand why it's your favorite. It's has also become one of mine. I sent a letter to you guys asking about music and you graciously gave me this CD. Thank you so much. I love it!!!