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Year in Review

August 2, 2016

Our fiscal year at No Greater Joy Ministries, Inc. (NGJ) ended on June 30, 2016. Our total income for the year was $1,094,925 (unaudited), of which $444,424 were contributions. Contributions were down by $16,627 as well as our total income by $16,639. Other than contributions, other categories of income increased last year, including our general sales, online sales, and royalty income from licensing. Our rights and licensing income was $49,549, compared to $7,794 the prior year. Ironically we are now selling more books out of the US than we are selling in the US. E-book sales were $23,743 compared to $8,337 the prior year. It is important for NGJ to have several sources of worldwide income to keep our cash flow strong throughout the year.

Our overall financial turnaround is a pure blessing from the Lord. Net income for the fiscal year that just ended was $74,881 while the prior year was negative of $46,335 or a positive cash flow change of $121,216. Our annual independent CPA firm audit to verify our financial statements will start shortly.

The financial difference between the prior year and this past year is reflective of our continuing effort to manage staffing and all other operational areas to reduce our overall expenses. We have the fulltime equivalent of about five staff members whose hours range from 8 to 40 per week, which are highly productive due to job function cross training to run and manage an over $1 million a year ministry.

We are continuing to minister on a global basis mainly through Good and Evil. We now have 45 languages of Good and Evil available on our website and within a few months will be releasing Hebrew. We continue to reprint many of the translated languages and a 10,000 book color printing of Cebuano for the Philippines has been ordered, along with 500 Cebuano Bibles. Good and Evil International is funded entirely from your donations. Our completed languages are listed HERE.

Families continue to sponsor specific languages and order Print-on-Demand copies in over 25 different languages per year. Yesterday we ordered 80 books in five languages for a family that provides books for ministry.

Light Bearers

We exhibited for the first time at the 2016 Correctional Ministry Summit. Good and Evil was a big hit among the ministry professionals, chaplains, church leaders, and other correctional professionals.


We made tremendous contacts that will account for future cooperation between our organizations.

The newest program for our prison ministry is called Light Bearers (LBs). Many LBs donate funds for us to send books out, while others purchase books from us at a deep discount of $5 per book and pack and ship to individual prisoners that have requested a book. Currently there are 34 Lightbearers partnering with us. We sent individual Good and Evil books to inmates as follows:

March – 609: April – 675: May – 958: June – 1062: July – 1085

In July we sent 280 books that were ordered in case quantities to prisons to either fill inmates’ requests or to supply chaplains with books.

In March we had zero LBs—we now have grown to 34. LBs are responsible for about 90% of all Good and Evil books being sent to prisons. We have contacted over 250 chaplains which will further our future needs.

If you have any questions on our finances, operations, or need more information about donating to a special part of our Ministry to make an eternal impact on God’s Kingdom,  email me or call directly at 931-593-2484.

Your gifts allow us to minister globally every day. Our sales and royalty income covers our entire overhead and many ongoing ministry projects. The large ongoing ministry projects are paid for by your gifts. NGJ does not take an administrative fee on any designated donation; 100% of all donations directed to Good and Evil are used for funding the translations, printing and distribution of Good and Evil books. Every donated dollar we receive goes to Ministry. We again thank you for supporting No Greater Joy and may the Lord bless all of your endeavors.